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Position indicators

Berger Tools Ltd supply a full range of position indicators, including both digital and analogue variants. We also stock handwheels and hand knobs which can incorporate position indicators.

Position indicators are mechanical measuring devices which indicate and monitor the movement of a machine component along a linear shaft or threaded lead spindle. They are used to provide a read out of values such as lengths (m, mm), force (N), volumes (l), revolutions (rpm) etc. and allow accurate positioning and locating for repeat actions. They can also be used for regulating purposes, for example regulating speed. The readout can be analogue or digital.

Position indicators are categorised by the operating principle of the measuring mechanism either a pendulum system or a retaining system. The differences are explained here.

Pendulum System

- Energized by a weighted pendulum and gravity for connecting to a horizontal spindle, for example GN000.8

The movement is in most cases initiated by a control system. The outstanding feature of pendulum-type position indicators is that the measuring system is fully integrated in the operating element. In principle, these position indicators have been designed solely for attachment to horizontal spindles, but the high precision of the mechanical measurement system and the extremely low centre of gravity allow these to be used also for spindles inclined by as much as 60°.

Retaining System

- Self energized, direct or indirect, stationary system to be connected in any required position, for example GN953 or GN954

The position indicator is fitted with a hollow shaft which can be pushed directly on to the spindle. The spindle revolutions are transmitted from the gear drive directly to a counter. If this transmission method is used the position indicator must be fitted with a torque limiter. For this purpose a pin on the housing protrudes into a bore on the machine. The hollow shaft is fitted to the spindle and secured with a grub screw. Position indicators with direct driven counter are from the point of view of installation, not only relatively simple and reliable but also very accurate. The digital read out ensures rapid reading and resetting of the new position. This position indicator is suitable for any type of installation, but it requires, however, a torque limiter. They are also suitable for motor driven spindles.

Further information on position indicators may be found in our flipping book, in our quick links section.

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