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Catalogue Technical Specification

CAD Data


ORFS Hoses and Connectors

Use our linked system selection table to check which hoses and connector series you require.

CAD Viewer Technical Data
CAD Viewer Technical Data


ORFS - O-ring face seal Hose Ø 12,7 mm

images/300/ORFS_page_code_36HY40001_W.png  images/300/ORFS_page_code_36HY40002_W.png  images/300/ORFS_page_code_36HY40003_W.png  images/300/ORFS_page_code_36HY40004_W.png  images/300/ORFS_page_code_36HY40005_W.png  images/300/ORFS_page_code_36HY40006_W.png  images/300/ORFS_page_code_36HY40007_W.png  images/300/ORFS_page_code_36HY40008_W.png  images/300/ORFS_page_code_36HY40009_W.png  images/300/ORFS_page_code_36HY40010_W.png  images/300/ORFS_page_code_36HY40011_W.png  images/300/ORFS_page_code_36HY40012_W.png  images/300/ORFS_page_code_36HY40013_W.png  images/300/ORFS_page_code_36HY40014_W.png  images/300/ORFS_page_code_36HY40015_W.png

Technical Data
"L" min 255 mm 10,0 in Volume 32 ml/metre
Operation pressure 345 bar 5003 psi Dimension 1/4" (external Ø 12,7 mm)
Burst pressure 1380 bar at 20°C 20010 psi at 68°F Material Thermoplastic
R (Bending radius) 51 mm 2,01 in Standard SAE 100R8
Operation temperature -40 to +100°C -38 to +212°F Outer Casing Perforated


ORFS 5,5mm Hoses

images/300/TSM9_1601_W.png  images/300/TSM9_1602_W.png  images/300/TSM9_1603_W.png  images/300/TSM9_1604_W.png  images/300/TSM9_1605_W.png  images/300/TSM9_1606_W.png

Technical data
"L" min 90mm 3,54 in Volume 3ml/metre
Operation Pressure 630 bar 9135 psi Dimension 5/64" (external 5,5mm)
Burst Pressure 1890 bar at 20°F 27400 psi at 68°F Material Thermoplastic
R (bending radius) 20mm 0,79 in Standard -
Operation temperature -40 to 100°F -38 + 212°F Outer casing Perforated

standard L = 90mm min. 10mm upword increase - Example (36TSM9/1601 0300; 36TSM9/1605 0310; ...)

Hose Fittings

images/300/36P9_1601_W.png  images/300/36P9_1602_W.png  images/300/36P9_1603_W.png

ORFS Hose Connections 

images/300/ORFS_page_code_S-F_W.png  images/300/ORFS_page_code_S-FL_W.png  images/300/ORFS_page_code_H-F_W.png  images/300/ORFS_page_code_H-F45_W.png  images/300/ORFS_page_code_H-F90L_W.png  


ORFS Hose Cylinder / Panel Connections 

images/300/ORFS_page_code_PA-S_W.png  images/300/ORFS_page_code_PA-AS_W.png  images/300/ORFS_page_code_PA-E_W.png   images/300/ORFS_page_code_PA-BTS_W.png  images/300/ORFS_page_code_PA-RT_W.png  images/300/ORFS_page_code_PA-TWS_W.png  images/300/ORFS_page_code_PA-MWS_W.png  images/300/ORFS_page_code_PA-M6_W.png

ORFS Offtake Connections

images/300/ORFS_page_code_SN-A_W.png  images/300/ORFS_page_code_SN-BT_W.png  images/300/ORFS_page_code_SN-RT_W.png

ORFS Hose-Hose Connections

images/300/ORFS_page_code_F-U_W.png  images/300/ORFS_page_code_F-E_W.png  images/300/ORFS_page_code_F-T_W.png  images/300/ORFS_page_code_F-C_W.png

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