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GN581 Lifting Eye Bolts Rotating Steel Mechanical Engineering Directive 98/37/CE Compliant preventing overturning loosening high load carrying capacity

Die Sets & Press Tool Standard Parts > Lifting Components
Standard Machine Elements > Levelling Feet, Lifting Gear and Rubber Elements > Lifting Eye Bolts / Lifting Eye Nuts
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GN581 Lifting Eye Bolts Rotating, Steel,Optional Spanner

Type A - without spanner

Type B - with spanner

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Tech Spec:


GN581 Lifting Eye Bolt, Rotating, Steel, Optional Spanner

These lifting eye bolts are mounted in rotating bearings, allowing the direction of the force action to be adjusted and preventing inadvertent loosening or overturning (as potentially possible in lifting eye bolts DIN580).

They offer a high load carrying capacity and they are tested to meet safety standards (safety factor 4).

The rated load carrying capacity listed in the above table is clearly marked on the ring. It applies to the most unfavourable load application of the load types listed opposite.

Lifting eye bolts GN581 comply with Mechanical Engineering Directive 98 / 37 / CE and are BG tested.

The hexagon socket bolt cannot be removed from the ring.

Type B is suitable for assembly without the need to use tools: inserting the spanner in the hexagon socket of the bolt allows the bolt to be turned in and out by hand.


Ring, Steel, German Material No. 1.6541.

Forged, high-tensile tempered, 100% electro magnetic tensile tested to EN 1677.

Plastic coated, pink.

Bolt, Steel, Tensile strength 1000 N/mm2.

RoHS compliant

Select / Deselect Visible Columns
PartCoded1Typed2d3d4d5hk1k2lNominal LoadMaterialMass
GN581-M6-AM6A13232820377379"0,1 t [1,0 kN]"ST0.12
GN581-M6-BM6B13232820377379"0,1 t [1,0 kN]"ST0.08
GN581-M8-AM8A162530254694712"0,3 t [3,0 kN]"ST0.118
GN581-M8-BM8B162530254694712"0,3 t [3,0 kN]"ST0.12
GN581-M10-AM10A162530254694715"0,4 t [4,0 kN]"ST0.12
GN581-M10-BM10B162530254694715"0,4 t [4,0 kN]"ST0.12
GN581-M12-AM12A2030343055105618"0,75 t [7,5 kN]"ST0.18
GN581-M12-BM12B2030343055105618"0,75 t [7,5 kN]"ST0.19
GN581-M16-AM16A23.536403564136524"1,5 t [15,0 kN]"ST0.32
GN581-M16-BM16B23.536403564136524"1,5 t [15,0 kN]"ST0.34
GN581-M20-AM20A2941504075167630"2,3 t [23,0 kN]"ST0.54
GN581-M20-BM20B2941504075167630"2,3 t [23,0 kN]"ST0.555
GN581-M24-AM24A3551604990199236"3,2 t [32,0 kN]"ST0.9
GN581-M24-BM24B3551604990199236"3,2 t [32,0 kN]"ST0.99
GN581-M30-AM30A446675601132411445"4,5 t [45,0 kN]"ST1.93
GN581-M30-BM30B446675601132411445"4,5 t [45,0 kN]"ST1.86
GN581-M36-AM36A537590721352913554"7,0 t [70,0 kN]"ST3.1
GN581-M36-BM36B537590721352913554"7,0 t [70,0 kN]"ST3.5

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