Official Distributor Standard Parts Catalogue Operating with Handles and Knobs · Operating by Using Machine and Device Handles · Adjusting with Handwheels and Cranks · Adjusting, Positioning, Locking with and without Position Indication · Tensioning, Clamping, Switching with Levers · Tensioning, Clamping with Knobs · Tensioning with Eccentric Cams and Wedge Clamps · Tensioning with Clamping Mechanisms Indexing, Locking, Blocking with Pins and Ball-Shaped Elements · Mounting, Positioning, Leveling with Screws, Clamping and Supporting Elements · Hinging, Latching, Locking of Doors and Covers · Installing, Lifting, Damping with Leveling Feet, Lifting Gear and Rubber Elements · Controlling, Venting, Sealing of Liquids and Gases · Moving, Transferring, Connecting with Shafts and Joints · Connecting, Assembling with Clamping and Connecting Elements · Adjusting, Moving with Guides, Spindles and Ball Rollers · Holding with Magnets