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Oval - USA Standard Springs

This range is currently being updated - new, fully interchangeable products to follow soon!

Berger Tools die springs are heavy duty metal compression springs specifically designed to be used in a die set tool or as heavy duty coil springs in any heavy load application. They are manufactured from oval wire, to American standards. They are divided into a rising load range and colour coded for easy identification. They make an excellent choice where a high force is needed in a limited space.

Our precision spring manufacturing process is aimed at guaranteeing the best dimensional and functional characteristics for our springs, as well as performance. To acheive this, special manufacturing techniques, advanced heat treatments installations and the best inspection and test equipment are used.

Berger Tools USA standard oval die springs are all shot peened. Shot peening is a process which greatly enhances the fatigue strength of the spring and is achieved by blasting the surface with shot particles at high force. The effect of this process is to prevent microscopic surface cracks from forming and in doing so drastically extend its resulting service life. 

The whole process is closely monitored and allows for complete traceability. The spring ends are closed and ground to create a reliable, flat, maximum load bearing surface. Careful engineering ensures continuity and provides uniform spring performance. Dimensional requirements remain consistent and measurably the same from one batch of springs to the next giving certainty that the OD will work freely in the prescribed hole and the ID will work over the prescribed rod. Continual research and development result in the best quality and longest life springs available.

Berger Tools are the exclusive UK & Irish distributor for Special Springs, for your complete range of US standard compression die springs. We are also able to quote to drawing for non-standard items.


Choosing a Die Spring - When choosing a die spring, the most important information should not be the physical dimensions of the die spring but those of the installation. Bear in mind the dimensions both of the shaft diameter and those of the hole the spring will be working in. The die spring must have sufficient space to function without any obstructions. Hole diameter in the table below specifies the diameter of the hole the die spring needs.

Also remember that no spring should be employed at its maximum length of travel as this will considerably reduce the service life of the spring. Die springs must always be installed pre-tensioned, to prevent shock loads.

As there is a wide range of lengths and loads available, it is easy to select a spring which has the desired force and length of travel.

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