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Indexing Plungers, Spring Plungers & Ball Lock Pins

Indexing and spring plungers and ball lock pins are useful products with a wide range of applications. The principle behind all these parts is the same in that a spring is used to provide force to push either a spigot or bolt, or a ball into a corresponding hole, and in doing so, lock parts into place. This is ideal for various purposes such as joining two or more parts together, to align and locate parts into a correct position, and for indexing purposes. They are also used for work holding purposes.

Ball plungers use a sprung ball bearing to provide the force and these are ideal for rapid use where a plunger needs to be moved in and out of position quickly and easily. However due to the shallowness of a ball, only a relatively small amount of the plunger is inserted into the hole and they are therefore not suitable for heavy loads. Spring plungers are designed to allow some movement if a side force is applied and are not for use if there is a heavy side load. An indexing plunger has a bolt instead of a ball and would be a better choice in either of these circumstances. All are available in steel or stainless steel variants and includes special options such as weldable indexing plungers, locking plungers, mini sized versions and plungers designed for thin wall applications. Also available are side thrust pins, which are used to fix small parts in place and quick release pins which consist of several small securing pins in a central rod, which are released or retracted or retracted by a knob in the handle. This section is completed by a wide variety of accessories such as mounting blocks and spring plunger holders.

Although a simple product, these versatile items make many jobs easier, faster and more efficient. Chosen to provide you with top quality parts as always, our range is both extensive and competitively priced.

Indexing Plungers

Spring Plungers

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