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Nitrogen Gas Springs

Gas springs are widely used in many manufacturing industries, including automotive and aerospace, furniture applications and press tooling. Where our springs excel against the competition is in the extremely high emphasis placed on safety. Our springs provide unique and patented built in safety features, designed to protect in four key areas - over pressure. over stroke, uncontrolled speed & contaminants. All of these areas represent a danger to personnel and will also irreparably damage the cylinder. Full details may be found on our Gas Spring Safety page. 

These springs operate through the use of nitrogen gas contained within a cylinder. Nitrogen gas is chosen as it is a neutral gas which does not react adversely when under compression. When the gas is compressed, a spring force is produced, and the force is transferred using a piston to a protruding rod. The unit is sealed against loss of gas, and is fully self-contained.

Our safety features combine to:

- Eliminate unforeseeable and early wear and deterioration of the guide and seal elements as well as damage on rod sliding surface.

- Eliminate the risk of overpressure, and the resulting structural failure.

- Exhaust the pressure inside the cylinder when the working stroke exceeds the maximum nominal value of the stroke, and in doing so make the cylinder harmless.

- Activate itself automatically regardless of user intervention.

Our safety features therefore primarily protect against injury but are also cost saving, as inferior quality springs which are more susceptible to damage need to be replaced more frequently. This impacts not only the initial cost of the springs, but also the subsequent downtime of the tooling. Our quality nitrogen gas springs are engineered to an extremely high standard, for a long working life and trouble free reliability. 

Berger Tools supply a comprehensive range of gas springs to suit everyone, from the small toolmaker through to multinational manufacturers including Mercedes Benz & Renault.

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Gas Spring Catalogue

Gas Spring Accessories

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