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Handwheels & Cranked Handles

Handwheels and crank handles are used to adjust settings on machinery. Handwheels can be spoked or solid. They can be used in conjunction with revolving or retractable handles, which can be folded back into a recess so that they do not protrude when not in use, or adjusted by rotating the wheel itself. They are ideal for quick adjustments in machinery where heavy torque and clamping is required. Some variants have needle or friction bearings to make fine adjustment easier, and control knobs can be added for accuracy, either with or without scale rings.

Our handwheels and crank handles are divided into sections to make it easier to make the right choice for your needs. Within each section, there is more information about each type of handle.

We stock many varieties in materials including steel, stainless steel, aluminium, cast iron and a variety of plastics. Handwheels can be solid, (also known as disc) or spoked. These can have two, three or more spokes. Handwheels are available with or without keyways. Solid handwheels can have knurled, moulded edges for a better grip. There are safety variants, where the clutch hand wheel can be engaged by pulling or pushing the wheel on it's spindle, and like our other handwheels, these are available with or without handles.

Position indicators can be added to handwheels, for use where accurate and precise fine adjustment of the handwheel movement is required, and can be ordered to suit the specific movements and scale of the application. These are available in either metal or plastic.

Our range of cranked or crank handles and control handles, are ideal for attachment to flywheels etc. and allow for greater leverage and torque than a simple rotating handle. They are perfect for efficient machine adjustment.

Our crank handles are supplied in a variety of materials including cast iron, aluminium, plastic and stainless steel, which is particularly suited to hygienic operations such as the food and medical industries.

Straight arm cranks provide fast, one handed operation. They are perfect for clamping and some variants have retractable handles for safety reasons. In these varieties the crank handle locks firmly into position when in use, or neatly into a recess when folded away. Offset crank handles can be useful for clearing obstacles when the crank handle is rotated in restricted spaces. Control, indexing and triball cranked handles are designed for fine and accurate adjustment. Triball crank handles have a centre mounting point allowing operation either horizontally or vertically, and they remain secure when used in applications involving vibration.

All handwheels and cranked handles supplied by Berger tools are of excellent quality, and are stocked in the UK. They are comfortable to use and competitively priced.

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