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16/09/2020 Product Focus - Lockable Locking Pins GN314

Product Focus - GN314 Lockable Locking Pins

We recently brought you our new GN314 Locking Pins and as they are proving popular, this newsletter brings you an in-depth focus. Locking pins in general are used to quickly and reliably connect and secure various components, and as we always seek to improve our products,  the GN314 is a securely lockable version for greater security against accidental release or manipulation.

This function is especially important in safety-related applications since the lock prevents alterations to temporary or permanent installations. Platforms, stands, projection walls at drive-in cinemas, speaker towers and even production systems can be secured against manipulation with these lockable locking pins.

Thanks to the variety of available dimensions (with pin diameters from 8 to 20mm and lengths to 120mm), GN314 is suitable for almost any application that was previously difficult to secure.

Operation is simple. Turning the key 180 degrees pushes a pawl laterally out of the pin. Pulling out the key fixes the pawl in place and prevents unauthorized removal of the locking pin. Every pin is delivered with two keys.

Lock type SC allows all locking pins to be operated with the same key, while lock type SU requires a different key for each pin. In this way, groups with the same lock type can be used within a larger application featuring different lock types.

 The new locking pin also offers high security with regard to its load carrying capacity. The double shearing resistance is in accordance with DIN 50141. For a locking pin with 10 mm diameter, the shearing resistance is 46 kN, while a 20 mm pin can withstand 227 kN. More...




19/08/2020 HT Gas Springs, Pressure Sensor Eyes & Control Panel with Pressure Sensor

This newsletter introduces several exciting new Gas Spring products - the new HT series of gas springs, designed for use in high temperature environments, and our SPB Pressure Sensor Eye, a device which allows gas spring pressure to be instantly tested, without the need for removing and re-installing the spring, saving time and costs. Lastly we have our control panel, CP-23A, which incorporates this clever sensor.


New Product!

HT Series

New ISO Standard HT Series nitrogen gas springs specifically for use in high-temperature environments. These special gas springs have seals & guiding elements designed to withstand consistently high temperature environments & give a longer service life. Option T1 (80°C - 100°C) and option T2 (100°C - 120°C).

Equipped with OSAS (over stroke active safety), OPAS (overpressure active safety), & USAS (uncontrolled speed active safety) as standard. The OSM (Over Stroke Marker) is also integrated to allow for easy identification of compromised gas cylinders. More...








New Product!

SPB Pressure Sensor EYE

Battery-powered digital system to quickly measure the pressure of self-contained gas springs on demand, without the need to remove and reinstall the springs. Red light activates when measuring if the pressure drops below the minimum set value. Digital display shows bar, psi or Mpa. More...


  • Quick and easy pressure check.
  • Reduction of die maintenance costs.
  • Simple interface.
  • Small size.
  • Long-lasting battery. 



New Product!

Control Panel CP-23A with SPB Pressure Sensor EYE 

Equipped with pressure sensor EYE as above. With charging & discharging valve, over-pressure rupture plug and a steel protective cover, this control panel allows for fast, simple pressure checking and is more reliable than analogue gauges.

Includes an adjustable minimum pressure alarm, Cejn-quick coupling for charging & three G 1/8'' ports for managing linked systems. More...






30/07/2020 Bending Units


This newsletter focuses on our bending units, which are useful in a myriad of different operations and are a worthwhile investment for the easy, fast bending and calibration of sheet metals and steel. Three different models provide an option for all applications and are now available in even more shape formats!


Bending Units

Our bending units allow simultaneous calibration & bending of sheet metal or steel. It also allows the execution of many different types of folds such as under square folds (with and angulation of less than 90 degrees), open folds (greater than 90 degrees), and larger radius, whilst maintaining requested tolerance angulation. Also "z" open folds, double folds etc can be performed.

The product is built with very strong materials and is wear and compression resistant, hardened and surface treated in order to considerably reduce friction. The product is patented. See more...





24/06/2020 Setting Screws GN827, Bearing Blocks GN828 & Hand Lever GN300 Range

This newsletter introduces our innovative new products, GN827 & GN828. These join our extensive product ranges designed to make work easier & more productive, such as the popular GN300 family of adjustable hand levers. These versatile products are useful for almost every fixing & clamping application.

As always, our technical sales team are ready with advice & suggestions. Whilst we understand that you may not be wanting visits at this time, a video meeting or call can easily be arranged - we are always here to help. 

New Products

GN827 Setting Screws & GN828 Bearing Blocks

Stainless steel setting screws GN827 are used in combination with stainless steel bearing blocks GN828 for simple adjustment & positioning tasks.

Ideal for processing & assembly equipment where  attachments need to be frequently repositioned this combination allows extremely fast, simple adjustments. More...





Featured Product!

GN300 Range

GN300 is a timeless standard part that can be used in almost any context. The original model has been further optimized & is now available with a shorter handle that reduces space requirements, ideal for light applications, such as M3 & M4 threads.

The original GN300 has been expanded over the years with variations for specific applications or with special dimensions & additional functions, a few examples are below. More... 


GN307 integrates a hardened steel washer which does not turn when tightened, protecting the clamping surface against damage & enlarging the contact surface. The thread length is identical to other models, making replacement a breeze

GN300.4 also has an enlarged clamping surface, intergrating a ball bearing into the washer, which reduces friction during tightening, giving double the clamping force.

If specially shaped studs are needed, try the GN306 with brass or plastic tipped studs, hardened tips, ball pins or circular thrust points to gently distribute the force. More...





Stainless steel variants GN300.5 (matt) & GN300.6 (electropolished) are intended for use in corrosive environments. The design & external hexagon retaining screw make it less susceptible to damage.

Hygienic design GN305 is certified to meet high hygiene standards. It combines zero dead space with a solid stainless steel handle & hygienic seals between the threaded stud & removable handle body as well as against the contact surface. More...



01/05/2020 GN314 Stainless Steel-Locking Pins with Key, EMG Presses & Hygienic Design Range


Open as Normal

If you have an order that is for a critical service related to the fight against COVID-19 please advise us of this so we can prioritise your order. 

A huge thank you to the efforts of all our customers, employees and suppliers for their work during this crisis, together with all the key workers for keeping us safe. We continue to make our teams health and safety, as well as that of the community at large, our top priority. 

Our customers include those in the pharmaceutical, medical, construction, and food supply chain industries.

 View our latest COVID-19 updates here...





NEW Stainless Steel-Locking Pins with Key GN314

Stainless Steel-Locking pins with key
GN314 are used for quick fixing, connecting and locking of various jigs.

The locking pins are characterised by their axial securing of the pin. This is achieved by turning the key.

 After locking, an accidental or unauthorised removal of the pin is no longer possible.

 More information about our locking pins range can be found here. 



Product Update

Our rack presses are strong, reliable, and safe. They have an ergonomic design, while providing linear power over the entire travel duration of the stroke. Now available with a wide variety of options.

These presses are ideal for a range of tasks including assembly, connections, small forms, and various crimping operations.

A year's total warranty is included with these presses. New on our website are CAD models for the full range of these presses.







Hygienic Design

Introducing a range of products certified according to the very high EHEDG guidelines and therefore ideal for use in hygienic applications.

Maximum hygiene is essential wherever food is produced. However, hygiene also plays a major role in other sectors – from medical technology and the pharmaceutical industry to manufacturers of dispersion paints





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