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Berger Tools Ltd e-newsletter 07/2017

Bronze Lined Bushes

A focus on bushes with a bronze lining, a lower friction surface for superior resistance to seizure, the major cause of bushing wear. Bronze plating achieves a good compromise between the friction coefficient, wear of materials & cost. If comparing dry steel/steel sliding (0.3), to steel/bronze (0.18), the friction coefficient is almost halved.

If a lubricating grease is added, the coefficient of the bronze becomes extremely low (0.04) when compared to steel (0.12). These bushes are recommended in high speed applications & in situations where high side thrust loads are possible.


DBB Demountable Bronze Lined Bush

Simple to remove & reassemble, these DBB bushes streamline maintenance & facilitate rapid, efficient changes of use.

They are held in position using clamps, giving four times the holding power compared to press fit bushes & also creating perfect alignment.





BPB Press Fit Bronze Lined Bush

However if you require a more economical option, we can also offer a press fit bronze lined bush BPB. These press fit bushes are self lubricating & combine quality case hardened steel with an internal bronze layer.

These bushes are ideal for smaller manufacturing runs, or where cost is a primary consideration.

 Compatible Guide Pillars

And of course, we also stock guide pillars to match our bronze lined bushes - ECO-7 demountable guide pillars are compatible with DBB bushes & PP press fit guide pillars with BPB bushes.

These guide pillars ensure correct alignment for accurate, precise manufacturing. Made from top quality steel, for a long, trouble free service life.






Berger Tools Ltd e-newsletter 03/2017

Free Inhouse Exhibitions!

We would like to remind you of the exciting opportunity to have your own unique inhouse exhibition, for FREE!

These exhibitions have proved to be highly popular, as they offer a chance to use our team of experts to train your sales or manufacturing staff in our products or showcase them to prospective customers on your behalf, and with no cost or effort from yourselves. Why not take advantage, and contact us to book now!



We Do The Work!

The only requirement is a venue, it's that easy. This can be an office, a meeting room or simply a corner in your warehouse. We can produce an exhibition even in a limited space.

You choose who attends, this may be identified prospects or existing clients, or your own staff. Confirm their attendance and we will arrange all the rest...

Contact us now to arrange a date to suit you!








Time and Travel Expenses

By bringing the exhibition to you, we can save the effort and expenses involved in visiting an exhibition. This frees up valuable time for in-depth discussion and advice from our experts.

Your employees can drop in and out as they wish, benefiting from the training we offer, yet still keeping on top of their day to day tasks. 

Contact us now to book your session!




For Your Business

When booking, our experts will discuss with you the parts you use and your products, to design an exhibition specifically for you, your employees and your target market.

With 40 years experience, Berger Tools are able to understand the needs of your business, and actively suggest products aimed to help you achieve your targets.

Book now for an exhibition tailored to you!






Berger Tools Ltd e-newsletter 02/2017

40 Years of Berger Tools!

February sees our fortieth anniversary, and here at Berger Tools we are celebrating forty years of bringing you the best products at the best prices, all conveniently in one place to make us your single source, one stop shop!

40 Years Of...

Quality Innovative Parts

For forty years, Berger Tools have striven to provide clever solutions to engineering problems by bringing you the latest innovations and multitasking products - such as our tube clamp connector and linear actuators range.

As always, you can trust our products to be of outstanding quality, producing reliable results every time. 








 40 Years Of...

Excellent Customer Service

For forty years, Berger Tools have prided ourselves on our excellent standard of customer service. 

From our online shop with a live chat line for instant advice to our nationwide experts who are happy to visit, and from our trackable guaranteed next day deliveries to our friendly technical sales staff, we are here to help. 

Berger Tools - Setting the Standard for Customer Service.



40 Years Of...

The Best Prices

 For forty years, Berger Tools have offered the most competitive prices, combining top quality parts with exceptional value for money.

Check out our drill bushes, ISO standard die springs and economy pillars and bushes, seen here in use on our die sets, and see how cost effective our parts are for yourself!






Berger Tools Ltd e-newsletter 12/2016

Christmas Wishes!

This month's newsletter contains details of our Christmas opening hours - don't forget, you may still place orders using our online shop, which will be dealt with on our return. We also include information about the charities we have supported throughout the year, and we have this year again decided to make a further charity donation, rather than sending Christmas cards.

We would like to wish you all a very happy holiday!


The Spirit of Christmas

Christmas cards are lovely & always raise a smile,
But instead of sending Christmas cards this year,
We'll put the money to something more worthwhile.
There's so many good causes to help,
In their struggle to raise enough cash,
And only a few cards get recycled -
The rest just end up in the trash!





images/300/Cancer_Research_UK_H.png images/300/Folly_Wildlife_Rescue_Charity_H.png

   images/300/World_Vision_LOGO_H.jpg images/300/Beacon_in_the_Gambia_H.png

  images/300/Hearing_Dogs_for_Deaf_People_H.png images/300/Mangold_Foundation_H.png


 Thank you!

This year Berger Tools would like to celebrate Christmas by helping those less fortunate than ourselves. Your custom has enabled us to help numerous charities, for more information on each, click on the images. We also collect money from our sweet box, so our sweet tooth has helped others!

Thank you for helping us to help them!



Christmas Opening Hours

Berger Tools would like to thank you for your support and custom through 2016 and wish you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous and peaceful new year! We will be closed from 12 noon on the 23rd December and re-open at 8am on the 3rd January 2017. 

We look forward to working with you in 2017!






Berger Tools Ltd e-newsletter 11/2016

New Safety Products!

In this month's newsletter, we are focusing on safety in the workplace, and on just a few of our products which help you achieve your health and safety targets! Berger Tools stock a wide range of safety items, all of which have clever design features and boast top quality materials, to help keep you and your work force safe.


Indexing Plunger with Click Safety Lock GN414.1

Available in both steel and stainless steel, these indexing plungers produce a clearly audible click when the pin is retracted. Once retracted, it can only be released by pressing the red button.







Knurled Screws with Recessed Stud GN653.2

These clever knurled screws, GN653.2 are ideal where it is imperative that components are not lost, for example in the food industry.  The recessed portion of the stud prevents this from occurring.




Toggle Clamps with Safety Hook, Heavy Duty GN852.3

These toggle clamps in steel or stainless steel, have a compact design and a high holding capacity.

When the clamp is closed, a safety hook is engaged preventing accidental opening of the clamp due to vibration etc. When ready, they can be opened with a one handed operation.









 Safety Products

See the remainder of our new safety products, which are made to an exceptionally high quality standard. Strong and hardwearing, our safety products are rugged and reliable, and represent excellent value for money. 

Safety first!




Berger Tools Ltd e-newsletter 09/2016

Visit us at the PPMA 2016 Show, New Products & Safety Products

In this month's newsletter, we invite you to visit us at the PPMA Total Show 2016, which is held every three years. Sectors which are represented include food & beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, household products and domestic chemicals. We also have a sneak preview of the product ranges we will be demonstrating. Register for FREE below, and meet our experts on stand H01! 





 PPMA TOTAL Show 2016

The PPMA Total Show 2016 is the UK’s premier processing & packaging exhibition. Visit for the latest developments in material and product innovations.

Stand H01, 27th-29th Sept 2016 NEC Birmingham, B40 1NT

Register here for your FREE entry



 New Products!

We will be showing off a selection of our shiny new products on stand H01, Mick Widger and the rest of our team will be demonstrating and explaining the product advantages and how this benefits you.

Take a look at our new products...





 Safety Products

We will also be focusing on our new safety products, which are made to an exceptionally high quality standard. Strong and hardwearing, our safety products are rugged and reliable, and represent excellent value for money. We will have a range at the exhibition for you to try out on stand H01.

Safety first!




Berger Tools Ltd e-newsletter 08/2016 

Olympics 2016 - Setting the Standard for Customer Service

The Olympics are underway, and Berger Tools are in the running for a gold medal for our standards of service! We work hard to bring you the best quality parts with the fastest lead times and pride ourselves on our ability to advise you on your best options.

Setting the Standard for Customer Service.




 Helpful Technical Sales Team

 Our sales team are always happy to help with any queries you may have, whether it is helping you find exactly the right part for your application, suggesting alternatives to keep you on budget or working with you to create special applications, we are here to help. You can phone us on 01732 763377, email or contact us on or our website chat.

Meet Our Team!

Nationwide Coverage

 We also have a nationwide team who are ready to visit, discuss your needs and advise the best options for you. They all have a technical background, and will understand the requirements of your business. Meet our team, and see who looks after your area 







ISO Certification

 Berger Tools is registered in accordance with BS EN ISO 9001:2008 which is available to view. We aim to consistently meet and satisfy your requirements, and to ensure this, key performance criteria is regularly monitored and reviewed, including systems conformity and improvement opportunities.

 Our Quality Manager, Ian Dredge, is available to discuss any concerns or questions that you may have in detail + 44 0 1732 763377

 Berger Tools - Setting the Standard for Customer Service





Berger Tools Ltd e-newsletter 07/2016 

Tour De France-ISO Springs

To celebrate the Tour de France, we focus on our yellow die springs! Our full range of ISO die springs, available in all sizes and load strengths, for quality and value for money we are the clear leader with our stock levels ensuring that we have your spring in stock, ready for next day delivery!






Yellow Die Spring ISO 10243 - Extra Heavy Load

Our extra heavy load die spring lead the way, made from high grade alloy rectangular wire spring, to ISO 10243 standards and RoHS compliant.

Top quality and long lasting, these springs are temperature tolerant from 120°C to -30°C.

Special cross section wires reduce stress levels. Epoxy resin coating as standard - Delta Tone 9000 coating available on request.

Take the yellow jersey with our yellow die springs! 






 ISO Die Springs

 Of course, we also stock a huge range of die springs in larger and smaller sizes and load ratings. Round and rectangular wire are both available.

Careful engineering ensures continuity and provides uniform spring performance.

Want it fast? The spring you need is almost certainly in stock, ready and waiting to be sent to you on a next day delivery. 







Manufactured to your own specific requirements, specially made coil compression springs can be produced in a wide range of materials and finishes, custom made to your own unique drawings. 

Please email us your drawing/s for a FREE no obligation quotation.




Berger Tools Ltd e-newsletter 06/2016 

Brexit, GN751.1 Fork Joints With Rotating Shaft, GN817.5 Indexing Plunger for Precision Locating

Whatever happens after Brexit, we will continue to bring you innovative new ideas to help make your job easier and more efficient. We also launch two more products which we think you will find of interest!






 Whatever happens next, Berger Tools are prepared for the future, and we will do our utmost to continue with our current low prices and high quality parts. Combined with our excellent service, this makes us your number one choice!







GN751.1 Fork Joint, Steel, with Rotating Shaft 

Fork joints GN751.1 have a rotating shaft and an additional bolt with axial shaft lock which can be mounted without tools.

The rotating shaft allows non-dynamic radial movements to be compensated. Also, there is no need for the alignment of joint heads during assembly. Read more...








GN817.5 Indexing Plunger, for Precision Locating

These indexing plungers, GN817.5 allow accurate positioning. The indexing bore is fitted with positioning bushings with conical bores.

The conical shape of the indexing pin and indexing bore makes the positioning virtually clearance-free and therefore highly precise.  Read more...




Berger Tools Ltd e-newsletter 05/2016

Gas Spring Safety and New Gas Spring Catalogue - The Chequered Flag for Gas Spring Safety

To celebrate the Monaco Grand Prix, we wanted to remind you of our pole position for Gas Spring Safety! Revving it's engines on the grid, we also have a new Gas Spring Catalogue. Race ahead and take the chequered flag by requesting your free copy now!




Our Gas Spring Safety Features - Winning by a Mile!

  Our unique and patented safety features are laps ahead of the competition and are designed to protect in four key areas - over pressure, over stroke, uncontrolled speed & contaminants.

 Our safety features protect against injury and are also cost saving. Read more...





Get in Pole Position and Order Your Free Gas Spring Catalogue Now!

Our new and updated gas spring catalogue contains our full range of gas springs, together with how to order the perfect spring for your needs, and vital safety and user information.

To order your FREE hard copy, email or call us on 01732 763377 and leave others behind in the pits!





Berger Tools Ltd e-newsletter 04/2016

GN831.2 Hook Clamps, GN414.1 Safety Indexing Plungers & MACH 2016 Exhibition

We are constantly adding new products to our range, and below we have a selection that we think you may find interesting. You will also find details of the MACH 2016 Exhibition, and how to find us. Come and visit our stand, where our experts will be pleased to demonstrate our new products, answer questions and offer advice - we look forward to seeing you there! 





 GN414.1 Indexing Plungers, Click Safety Lock, Steel & Stainless Steel

GN414.1 with click-type safety lock are used when the plunger pin is to be briefly prevented from protruding. When the pin is retracted to its end position, the button engages with a clearly audible click.

The safety lock can only be unlocked by pressing the red safety button, the plunger pin then returns to its starting position by spring force. Available in steel and stainless steel. Read more...






GN831.2 Hook Clamps, Safety Catch, Steel & Stainless Steel

 These hook clamps GN831.2 are used for the secure holding of flaps, container lids, machine coverings and similar applications.

The clamping stroke exceeds the dead centre point which makes them vibration proof. Their safety mechanism  gives additional protection against inadvertent opening of the catch. Read more... 








Mach 2016 Exhibition 

Mach is the outstanding showcase for advances in manafacturing industry. it is the biannual exhibition bringing together all the best innovations and latest developments.

Visit the Berger Tools stand to see live demonstrations of our latest products and speak to our experts. Find us in Hall 4, Zone G, Stand 4320. 



Berger Tools Ltd e-newsletter 03/2016

New Standard Parts Supplement

We have a new Standard Parts Catalogue Supplement! Packed full of new products and innovative ideas to help make your job easier and to offer you the best choice and widest size ranges possible. Read on for details plus a sneak preview of two of the new products... 






More Products, More Sizes, More Choice!

This new supplementary catalogue focuses on the latest new products in one of our most popular ranges. It also includes exisiting products, which are now available in new sizes and materials, giving you an even wider choice! Read more... 

To order your FREE hard copy email or call us on 01732 763377 today! 






GN3663 Torque Knurled Knobs

  Used when manually applied torque is to be limited.

Turning clockwise, the mechanical system of the knob triggers an "over-engagement“ as soon as the specified torque is reached ensuring that the maximum is not exceeded.

Anti-clockwise, the mechanical system locks so that the torque is not limited. Male and female options availlable. Read more...






 GN817.9 Indexing Plungers

Designed so that special versions of the indexing pins can be made economically in small unit quantities.

If required, the indexing pins can be machined or adapted by the user.They can be assembled several times. All parts are supplied in a non-assembled set. Read more... 





Our Charities

These are some of the charities we helped support in 2015, who shall we add in 2016? Help us choose!




A Postcard from The Philippines!

Some of the children helped by a foundation supported by Berger Tools, and how they spent their Christmas!



Great News!

We are now able to bring you our exclusive, unique inhouse exhibition throughout the year. Take advantage of this fantastic FREE offer. Places are booking fast, so don't delay, book your space now! 

We'll do the travelling....

Our inhouse exhibitions bring information, products and expert advice directly to you and your team.
No stress, no hassle, no travel expenses, no tight deadlines: all benefits of using our inhouse exhibitions. We come to you bringing first hand information, our experts and, of course, our products. Matching your specific requirements, we’ll show exactly what we can do for you.

Our in-house exhibitions …
• save you valuable time and travel expenses
• allow qualified discussions, with our experts
• show our products in detail
• bring you in-depth information
• also show you special products and themes

Contact us to arrange a meeting date today.













Exclusive Opportunity!


Berger Tools Ltd are currently taking bookings for our exclusive in house exhibition. This offer is available to both new and existing customers! 

This is a unique opportunity for your company to request this service where we come to you at no expense to you as the customer. There is no need to send employees out for the day and waste valuable time, simply supply us with a small room with no more than a couple of table tops and we do the rest. This could perhaps be a spare office, a space on your factory floor or in your warehouse. This allows your design team, technical team or any purchasing members of your company to visit our display of standard machine elements, review and see product options available, request a product sample or simply take a catalogue for future reference. Our experts will be on hand to with the answers to your specific technical questions and to give the best advice for your company.

Don't delay, use the contact form below to book today!













Gas Spring Benefits

Are you aware of the benefits of our superb quality nitrogen gas springs? All this, and safety too - further details here!




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