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Urethane & Rubber Springs, Sheets, Guide Bolts, Strippers, Ejectors & Bars

Berger Tools wide selection of urelast and rubber products includes Urethane and rubber springs and sheets, guide bolts, strippers, ejectors & bars, together with accessories. Urethane is also known as urelast or elastomer.

Rubber springs are a safe alternative to metal springs as they have an extremely high load absorption and there is no sudden breakage. They are well suited as an energy absorbing or energy transmitting component. They are capable of running in a damaged condition and hence there is no damage to tooling through overloading. They are extremely reliable, and no service is required. A long service life without any maintenance is an important factor for economical continuous operation. All parts meet the requirements of the DIN 9835 norm for performance and quality. They can be used with spring collars, which allow the springs to be stacked.

/images/original/ESH_Elastomer_Sheet.jpgSheets and rods made from the various forms of rubber are useful for a range of manufacturing uses, and are a basic material for custom made components and prototypes. Rods may be either solid or hollow. They are used for deep drawing operations, for bending and forming as well as cutting.

Urelast Ejector pins are installed in tools for blanking, drawing and coining operations and for lifting and ejecting press parts.

Push on strippers for punches and ejector pins offer the advantages of no damage to the surface of the punched metal and a high operating force with small dimensions. They have a reduced noise level and a long working life. When using strippers there is an increased protection of punches against breakage and no "drawing in" of material between punch and die caused by free seating punches. The strippers are suitable for all commercially available punch shanks and punch retainers. The punch shape cut by the first hit, combined with the existing inside diameter of the stripper guarantee a self gripping effect.

Aplications for Urelast and rubber include profiled cushioning plate, rings and bars, end buffers, strippers and stripper guides, pads, ejectors, couplings, rollers, drive rollers, drawing and bulging work, seals stoppers, bushes and jets. Our range includes 60, 70, 80 & 90 shore in sheet, bar and hollow bar format. Standard items are available from stock, including buffers and strippers. Further information regarding machining and bonding can be found below, together with help should the part you require not be listed.


DIN9835 (B) Guide Bolt for Urelast / Rubber Spring


Hard elastomers can be effectively machined. In softer shore hardnesses, the material tends to give way or yields to the tool. In these circumstances it will help if the workpieces is cooled before processing. All tools must be well-sharpened. Rework impairs the surface tension and thus reduces the edge-cut resistance. The below table gives an indication of the processes best suited to the different materials.


Our elastomers can be effectively bonded with off-the-shelf component adhesives to metals and plastics.
The guidelines provided by the manufacturer of the adhesive must be complied with.


295 CR 70 Shore A

Urelast / Urethane UN 80 

 Urelast / Urethane U 90

Sawing Satisfactory Good Good
Cutting Excellent Excellent Excellent
Drilling (spiral)  Dependant on use   Satisfactory Good
Drilling (hollow)  Excellent Excellent Excellent
Turning Dependant on use Satisfactory Good
Milling Satisfactory Good Excellent
Grinding Good Good Good
Tapping x Dependant on use    Dependant on use  



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