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Material Properties of Urelast EFFBE tempered heat resistant quality shore A B DIN Chloroprene polyurethane rubber

Material Properties

Elastomer compression springs are standardized in DIN ISO 10069-1. Our qualities EFFBE 295 and EFFBE Urelast exceed these standards in many cases.

For the production of EFFBE spring elements, three different elastomer types are offered, in accordance with the application criteria:

 The Essential Material Properties:


 EFFBE 295

Chloroprene rubber 

CR 70 / DIN ISO 10069-1

 EFFBE Urelast 

Polyurethane rubber 


EFFBE Urelast 

Polyurethane rubber 

U90 / DIN ISO 10069-1

Colour    Black  Natural  Red
Hardness in accordance with DIN ISO7619  Shore A  70  80  92
Tensile Strength in accordance with DIN 53 504  N / mm2  ≥12  ≤50  ≤40
Elongation at break in accordance with DIN 53 504  ≥250  ≥640  ≥550
Tear propagation resistance in acc. with DIN ISO 34-1  N / mm  4 ≤50 ≤50
Rebound resilience in accordance with DIN 53 512 30  48  43
Abrasion in accordance with DIN ISO 4649  mm3  ≤150 ≥40 ≤40
Compression set in accordance with DIN ISO 815-1 ≤20 ≤30  ≤30 
Bulk density in accordance with DIN EN ISO 1183 g / cm3  1,37 1,24  1,27 
Temperature application area  °C 

-20°C to + 80°C

Briefly from -40°C TO + 120°C 

 -20°C to + 80°C

Briefly from -40°C TO + 120°C

 -20°C to + 80°C

Briefly from -40°C TO + 120°C

Resistant to    
 Oil (Lubricating oil)   Adequate Good Good
Grease    Adequate Good Good
Alcohol    Good Good Good
Brenzene    Adequate Good Good
Water    Good Adequate -1)  Adequate -1)
Humidity     Good Adequate -1) Adequate -1)
Ozone    Good Good Adequate
Alkaline Solutions    Adequate Adequate Adequate
Acids     Adequate/Condtionally



use must be checked relative to duration, temperature and/or concentration.

* Shore hardness measured on the test sheet in accordance with DIN ISO 7619.

1) Hydrolysis-resistant material on request.

Service Life

If the design criteria are complied with more than 2x10load changes are possible.

Other Advantages:

Temperature Resistance

The operating temperature range is between -20oC and +80oC;

Short-term temperatures -40oC and +120oC are possible. The determining factors are self-warming and ambient temperature.

Diagram 2 shows the elastic behavior depending on temperature. The spring characteristic is determined by the temperature-dependant modules of elasticity, by the geometric shape and the type and size of deformation


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