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Star or Hand knobs, Wing & Knurled Thumb Screws & Nuts

Berger Tools Ltd stock a varied range of star or hand knobs, wing and knurled screws and nuts and accessories including knurled thumb screws supplied with thrust pads. These are common fixing or fastening solutions, which are widely used. These parts come with either a protruding stud or bolt, often threaded or with a hole or bush. Star knobs are used for a wide variety of applications, including machine building, access doors, drawers & panels, fixtures and clamping set ups. Wings screws and nuts can appear virtually anywhere, from industrial applications through to bikes and drumsets!

Star knobs are also known as hand knobs. The shaping of these knobs is designed to ensure a good grip for the operator and to allow extra torque to be easily applied by hand. They have a varying number of spokes or lobes - those with three (triangular knobs) or four lobes are more likely to be used where a finger tip control and fine accuracy is needed, and those with five, six or more lobes provide a better grip for the whole hand and allow the palm to come into contact with the knob, allowing a greater degree of pressure to be extended. These are sometimes referred to as scallop knobs.

In the same way, wing nuts and screws and knurled nuts and thumb screws also provide a far greater grip (and hence torque) than a plain nut, and are designed to be tightened by hand, although the metal variations can be tightened or loosened using tools if necessary. This extra grip also makes them easily removable when needed. Thrust pads can be used in combination with screws to prevent marking, scratches or dents to materials that are easily damaged.

Berger Tools carefully source our products to ensure that they are of top quality, and are ergonomically designed to be comfortable in use and prevent fatigue. This attention to detail ensures that the parts covered in this section, like all the items we supply, make a cost effective choice.

Star Knobs

Knurled Screws / Knurled Nuts

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