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Toggle Clamps, Power Clamps & Hook Clamps

This section contains an extensive range of high quality toggle, power and hook clamps, and various accessories. Widely utilised in most construction industries, clamps are used for many workholding applications including in woodworking and metalworking. They are also used in high pressure mould forming, in the plastics industries.

Clamps are usually intended for a temporary use, holding items in place whilst being worked on. Which clamp to use is chosen depending on the clamping pressure or force needed, the size required, and the configuration, which can be horizontal or vertical. The material the clamp is made from may also be a factor, as hygienic variants made from stainless steel are often required in clean room environments such as found in the food, medical and pharmaceutical industries. Clamps may have a manual or pneumatic operation, and we stock standard and heavy duty variants of both. Clamps can be activated by either a pushing or pulling action.  As well as push/pull, latch and hook designs, we also stock a wide range of toggle clamps which are those clamps operated with a lever or switch. These are ideal in situations where the clamp needs to be adjusted frequently as the clamping movement is both quick and easy.

Accessories include knee lever modules and spare handles, clamping bolts (with or without pressure pads), levelling shims, clamping jaws and mounts, proximity switches and base plates.

We also stock heavy duty Misati power clamps. These pneumatically operated clamps are designed for clamping, gripping and positioning work pieces in jigs and handling systems. They are small, compact and light-weight, use a minimum of air and have a service life of as many as 20 million clamping cycles, an advantage particularly when used in handling systems. With their piston diameters of 20, 32 and 40 mm they reach ultimate clamping and holding forces. Self-retention is guaranteed in the clamping position, they have a high degree of stability at small dimensions and unlimited fixture options.

Toggle Clamps

Pneumatically Operated Clamps

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