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Hinges, Latches and Locks for Doors, Cupboards, Drawers, Hatches and Covers

In this section you will find a variety of locks and latches for the securing of doors, covers and hatches, together with a range of hinges.

Our hinges are made from a range of materials, including plastic, steel, stainless steel and aluminium. Stainless steel versions are useful in cleanrooms. Flush fitting hinges, may be used for trap doors, for example. Some hinges are weldable. and some have adjustable mountings or extended wings, allowing them to be fitted where hinges would not normally be suitable.

Innovative options are featured, such as the clever GN233 hinge, which has an adjustable friction, so that doors and covers can be set to stay open or closed as required and then adjusted back to swing freely, contributing toward the safety aspects of this hinge. The GN129 series of hinges cannot be unhinged once assembled, and are anti tamper as a safety feature. Other anti tamper hinges include the GN138 & GN139 series, and internal hinges such as GN7231 and GN7237. A common use for internal hinges is on luggage lockers, for example on buses and coaches. GN159.1 are a double hinge for profile systems and are suitable for simple installation on standard commercially available extrusions.

Latches such as GN115, have a large range of different cranks and catch plates which allow them to bridge gaps from 4 to 50mm, and are available in lockable variants. Where the operating elements cannot protrude, for example due to space constrictions, clever solutions such as GN115.10, which are latches which incorporate a combined gripping tray are ideal. Mini latches such as GN115.1 can also be useful in these situations. Other latches include a clamping function, such as GN516 and GN516.1, which produce a tight, vibration proof closure. Many of the latches have safety feature elements, such as stop locks GN702 which are utilised to lock an item into position or GN315 snap locks, which lock automatically into place as a door or hatch is closed and are not opened unless a button is pressed. Stainless steel and hygienic options in this section are also ideal for use in clean room environments, such as found in the food processing or medical and pharmaceutical industries.

We are certain that this section contains products which you will find useful and relevant, and of course, as always at Berger Tools, you can be assured of the very best quality, brought to you at the very best prices! 

Latches without Clamping Function


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