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Die Sets & Press Tool Standard Parts

Press tools are commonly used in many manufacturing industries and perform a vast array of different tasks such as cutting, punching, sheering, trimming, forming and bending. Presses may be hydraulic, pneumatic, or mechanical and are an invaluable tool for producing components at high volumes.

We stock a wide range of press tools, and the standard parts and components needed for your specific application. This includes dowel pins, guide pillars, guide pins and bushes, used for precise locating and precision punches and dies for accurate cutting, and shoulder bolts, screws and nuts. Urelast and rubber products, are generally used as springs and shock absorbers, and are an alternative to die or compression springs, which are also listed here. Nitrogen gas springs are another popular choice. Lifting components are for the safe movement of machinery and parts, and this section also encompasses demountable blocks, ball bush sets, and our new IEM top retained pillar sets.

In this section you will also find standard and bespoke die sets, which are custom made to your requirements. Die Sets are available with an extensive range of pillar and bush combinations, from press fit to demountable including ball cage and bronze bushes, and can be rear pillar, middle pillar, 4 pillar, or diagonal. They are constructed using steel or occasionally aluminium plates of various sizes. The two halves are located on steel pillars and bushes to ensure exact alignment of both halves of the tooling. Berger Tools manufacture a wide range of die sets to customer requirements, using only the highest quality materials available. With in house manufacturing we give the customer the flexibility to request plane of fully machined plates. Having this capability means we can offer a bespoke service with a price and delivery advantage throughout the U.K.

These high quality parts are carefully chosen to combine long lasting qualities together with competitive pricing to enable you to select the most cost effective option for your toolroom.

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