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Catalogue Technical Specification
Preliminary Questionaire for Delay System

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AC Gas Spring Cylinders, Controlled Return Delay System

CAD Viewer Technical Data
CAD Viewer Technical Data


Gas Spring Cylinders with controlled return - Delay System


In order to meet the increasingly specific sheet metal forming requirements resulting from the need for complex and multi-profile geometries, Berger Tools Ltd presents a new generation of cylinders with controlled return.



As shown on the illustration, the main characteristic of the system is the ability to time and adjust the return stroke of the cylinder rod independently from the press cycle and speed.

The cylinder return is operated by an electrical distributor which receives its switch signal from the command unit of either a mechanical or hydraulic press.

In addition, the contrasting force displayed by the cylinders is constantly adjustable throughout the various phases of the working cycle according to the pre-set hydraulic pressure.

The positioning of the cylinders inside the tool is free and depends solely on the project requirements; the command unit must be placed near by the press.

The use of hydraulic fluid enables 

an easy and optimal regulation of heat dispersal thanks to the heat exchanger which switches on automatically whenever the need arises. This guarantees maximum reliability and operational constancy, allowing for working speeds of up to 25 cycles per minute.

Although the intrinsic compressability of the hydraulic fluid at the end of the compression phase results in a slight subsidence of rod retention, the extent of the latter is guaranteed to reach at most 0.2mm.



- Return stroke of the cylinder rods independent from press cycle.

- Return speed of cylinder rods independent from press speed.

- Return speed of cylind

er rods constant and adjustable.

- Cylinder contrasting force: constant, increasing or decreasing from beginning to end of working cycle.

- Partial use of cylinder stroke possible at any time without system modifications.

- Quick and continuous dispersal of the heat produced during the cylinder working cycle, thanks to the presence of heat exchanger on the command unit.

- Maximum system reliability guaranteed by the constant renewal of the hydraulic fluid.


Please refer to the attached flipping book for full details, plus the information required to assist with ordering this system. There is a simple questionnaire which will help to to determine the most suitable system for you. As each system is individually tailored to the customers, please contact us for a quote, with the information requested in the questionnaire.


Connecting Options


Connection with Manifold Plate




The cylinders are interconnected and mounted directly on the plate which features pre-designed pipes for the fluid to flow through. Such a solution has the following advantages:

- Uses less space on the tool

- Leaks are less likely to occur

- A cleaner operational environment

- No hose pipes inside the tool.





Mixed Connection




 Cylinder groups are mounted and interconnected through specific plates which are individually connected to the distribution unit.






Connection with Flexible Hose Pipes




 The cylinders are

Using same-length connectors (either the flexible or rigid type) between the cylinders and the distribution unit guarantees simultaneous return of the rods during the release phase of the cylinder block. mounted directly on the tool and interconnected by means of flexible hose pipes.

If this is not feasible it is still possible to achieve an almost simultaneous return provided the mobile part of the tool, which is first blocked and then released, is properly guided.


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