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DIN99 Clamping Levers Steel Straight Angled Plain Threaded grip workholding applications DIN 99

Clamping & Tension Levers & Nuts
Standard Parts for Clamping & Operating & Machine Fixtures > Adjustable Hand Levers, Clamping Levers & Tension Levers > Clamping Levers, Tension Levers
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DIN99 Clamping Lever, Steel, Straight or Angled, Plain or Threaded



Type K - Straight lever with plain bore, Tol. H7 (only for l1 = 50 to 160).

Type M - Straight lever with threaded bore (only for l1 = 50 to 160).

Type L - Angled lever with plain bore, Tol. H7

Type N - Angled lever with threaded bore

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DIN 99 Clamping levers, steel 

These clamping levers are available with straight or angled handles, and with a plain or threaded bore. They are ideal for a wide range of workholding applications and are designed to prevent fatigue to the user. They are a cost effective choice.


Steel - turned, blackened

Also available in stainless steel, or the following on request -without bore and flats or V (square).

RoHS compliant

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DIN99-50-M6-MST 50M6~9.587.5122448M0.017
DIN99-50-M6-NST 50M6~9.587.5122448N0.017
DIN99-50-B6-KST 50~B69.587.5122448K0.017
DIN99-50-B6-LST 50~B69.587.5122448L0.017
DIN99-63-M8-MST 63M8~121011163060M0.037
DIN99-63-M8-NST 63M8~121011163060N0.037
DIN99-63-B8-KST 63~B8121011163060K0.036
DIN99-63-B8-LST 63~B8121011163060L0.036
DIN99-80-M10-MST 80M10~14.51315203876M0.073
DIN99-80-M10-NST 80M10~14.51315203876N0.073
DIN99-80-B10-KST 80~B1014.51315203876K0.074
DIN99-80-B10-LST 80~B1014.51315203876L0.074
DIN99-100-M12-MST 100M12~18.51619254795M0.141
DIN99-100-M12-NST 100M12~18.51619254795N0.14
DIN99-100-B12-KST 100~B1218.51619254795K0.139
DIN99-100-B12-LST 100~B1218.51619254795L0.139
DIN99-125-M16-MST 125M16~242023.53259.5119M0.287
DIN99-125-M16-NST 125M16~242023.53259.5119N0.28
DIN99-125-B16-KST 125~B16242023.53259.5119K0.283
DIN99-125-B16-LST 125~B16242023.53259.5119L0.283
DIN99-160-M20-MST 160M20~302529.54076152M0.569
DIN99-160-M20-NST 160M20~302529.54076152N0.569
DIN99-160-B20-KST 160~B20302529.54076152K0.545
DIN99-160-B20-LST 160~B20302529.54076152L0.545
DIN99-200-M24-NST 200M24~4032335097190N1.116
DIN99-200-B24-LST 200~B244032335097190L1.128


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