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DIN71802 Angled Ball Joints Stainless Steel socket nut easily assembled safety catch threaded shank DIN 71802

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DIN71802 Angled Ball Joint, Stainless Steel




Type CN - with threaded ball shank, without safety catch, stainless steel.

Type CSN - with threaded ball shank, with safety catch, stainless steel.

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Tech Spec:


DIN 71802 Angled Ball Joint

These angled ball joints consist of a ball socket DIN 71805 and a ball shank DIN 71803.

The angle of rotation for the type with safety catch CSN is 15 degrees, those without safety catch CN is 18 degrees.

For assembly the ball is pushed through the circlip which acts as a retainer. Should the retaining force (see pull-off force in the attached pdf table) between ball and socket not be sufficient, this can be increased by adding a safety catch, which can easily be fitted.

The hexagon nut is part of the angled ball joints.

To protect the angled ball point, a dust cap GN710 can be added.

Available on request: Angled ball joints with reduced resistance (ball socket with play), ball studs DIN 71803, ball sockets DIN 71805


Stainless Steel - AISI 303

Ball - Stainless Steel, not hardened.

Ball Seat - lubricated

RoHS compliant

Select / Deselect Visible Columns
PartCoded1d2d2Typed3d4l1l2l3tA/FMin. pull-off force in NMaterialMass
DIN71802-8-M5-CN8M5~CNM 58108.52210.5730NI0.01
DIN71802-8-M5-CSN8M5~CSNM 58108.52210.5730NI0.015
DIN71802-8-M5L-CN8~M5LCNM 58108.52210.5730NI0.015
DIN71802-8-M5L-CSN8~M5LCSNM 58108.52210.5730NI0.01
DIN71802-10-M6-CN10M6~CNM 61012.510.52511.5840NI0.01
DIN71802-10-M6-CSN10M6~CSNM 61012.510.52511.5840NI0.025
DIN71802-10-M6L-CN10~M6LCNM 61012.510.52511.5840NI0.025
DIN71802-10-M6L-CSN10~M6LCSNM 61012.510.52511.5840NI0.02
DIN71802-13-M8-CN13M8~CNM 81316.51230141160NI0.05
DIN71802-13-M8-CSN13M8~CSNM 81316.51230141160NI0.048
DIN71802-13-M8L-CN13~M8LCNM 81316.51230141160NI0.05
DIN71802-13-M8L-CSN13~M8LCSNM 81316.51230141160NI0.053
DIN71802-16-M10-CN16M10~CNM 101620153515.51380NI0.098
DIN71802-16-M10-CSN16M10~CSNM 101620153515.51380NI0.099
DIN71802-16-M10L-CN16~M10LCNM 101620153515.51380NI0.095
DIN71802-16-M10L-CSN16~M10LCSNM 101620153515.51380NI0.1
DIN71802-16-M12-CN16M12~CNM 121620153515.51380NI0.102
DIN71802-16-M12-CSN16M12~CSNM 121620153515.51380NI0.1
DIN71802-16-M12L-CN16~M12LCNM 121620153515.51380NI0.101
DIN71802-16-M12L-CSN16~M12LCSNM 121620153515.51380NI0.102
DIN71802-19-M14F-CN19M14F~CNM 14222819.54521.516100NI0.218
DIN71802-19-M14F-CSN19M14F~CSNM 14222819.54521.516100NI0.22
DIN71802-19-M14FL-CN19~M14FLCNM 14222819.54521.516100NI0.219
DIN71802-19-M14FL-CSN19~M14FLCSNM 14222819.54521.516100NI0.22

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