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ECO-7 Demountable Pillars bushes pin top quality steel standards accurate precise long life hardwearing press mould manufacturing case hardened ground lapped C53

Press Tool Standard Parts > Guide Pillars (Pins), Bushes & Cages, ISO, IEM, JIS standards > Our Most Popular Pressfit & Demountable Pillars & Bushes
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ECO-7 Demountable Pillar


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ECO-7 Demountable Pillar

These guide pillars or pins are used in press & mould tools, for accurate, precise manufacturing. Demountable for fast efficient changes of use. They are manufactured from top quality steel, with exceptional hardwearing qualities for a long service life. Compatible with DBS & DBB Demountable Bush


Steel - C53

Hardness - HRC 60-63

Case hardened, ground and lapped, core resistance 1000/1050 N/mm2. Supplied complete with clamps 6-91-1 and button head screws BHS.

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PartCodeDLD1L1MABX Min (Long)X Min (Medium)X Min (Short)MassCAD
ECO-7 18X1000.229ECO-7 18X100
ECO-7 18X1100.251ECO-7 18X110
ECO-7 18X1200.274ECO-7 18X120
ECO-7 18X1300.297ECO-7 18X130
ECO-7 18X1400.32ECO-7 18X140
ECO-7 18X1500.34ECO-7 18X150
ECO-7 18X1600.35ECO-7 18X160
ECO-7 18X700.16ECO-7 18X70
ECO-7 18X800.183ECO-7 18X80
ECO-7 18X900.206ECO-7 18X90
ECO-7 19X1000.241ECO-7 19X100
ECO-7 19X1100.265ECO-7 19X110
ECO-7 19X1200.29ECO-7 19X120
ECO-7 19X1300.314ECO-7 19X130
ECO-7 19X1400.338ECO-7 19X140
ECO-7 19X1500.362ECO-7 19X150
ECO-7 19X1600.386ECO-7 19X160
ECO-7 19X700.169ECO-7 19X70
ECO-7 19X800.193ECO-7 19X80
ECO-7 19X900.217ECO-7 19X90
ECO-7 24X1000.4ECO-7 24X100
ECO-7 24X1100.49ECO-7 24X110
ECO-7 24X1200.46ECO-7 24X120
ECO-7 24X1300.49ECO-7 24X130
ECO-7 63X1504.9ECO-7 63X150
ECO-7 24X1400.52ECO-7 24X140
ECO-7 63X1705.55ECO-7 63X170
ECO-7 24X1500.56ECO-7 24X150
ECO-7 24X1600.59ECO-7 24X160
ECO-7 24X1700.63ECO-7 24X170
ECO-7 24X1800.67ECO-7 24X180
ECO-7 24X700.26ECO-7 24X70
ECO-7 24X800.298ECO-7 24X80
ECO-7 24X900.334ECO-7 24X90
ECO-7 25X1000.38ECO-7 25X100
ECO-7 25X1100.42ECO-7 25X110
ECO-7 25X1200.46ECO-7 25X120
ECO-7 25X1300.49ECO-7 25X130
ECO-7 25X1400.53ECO-7 25X140
ECO-7 25X1500.57ECO-7 25X150
ECO-7 25X1600.61ECO-7 25X160
ECO-7 25X1700.65ECO-7 25X170
ECO-7 25X1800.69ECO-7 25X180
ECO-7 25X700.27ECO-7 25X70
ECO-7 25X800.31ECO-7 25X80
ECO-7 25X900.34ECO-7 25X90
ECO-7 30X1000.8ECO-7 30X100
ECO-7 30X1100.88ECO-7 30X110
ECO-7 30X1200.96ECO-7 30X120
ECO-7 30X1301.04ECO-7 30X130
ECO-7 30X1401.06ECO-7 30X140
ECO-7 30X1501.14ECO-7 30X150
ECO-7 30X1601.2ECO-7 30X160
ECO-7 30X1701.28ECO-7 30X170
ECO-7 30X1801.4ECO-7 30X180
ECO-7 30X2001.56ECO-7 30X200
ECO-7 30X2201.76ECO-7 30X220
ECO-7 30X2401.88ECO-7 30X240
ECO-7 30X2802.24ECO-7 30X280
ECO-7 32X1000.8ECO-7 32X100
ECO-7 32X1100.88ECO-7 32X110
ECO-7 32X1200.96ECO-7 32X120
ECO-7 32X1301.04ECO-7 32X130
ECO-7 32X1401.1ECO-7 32X140
ECO-7 32X1501.18ECO-7 32X150
ECO-7 32X1601.24ECO-7 32X160
ECO-7 32X1701.32ECO-7 32X170
ECO-7 32X1801.4ECO-7 32X180
ECO-7 32X2001.56ECO-7 32X200
ECO-7 32X2201.72ECO-7 32X220
ECO-7 32X2401.88ECO-7 32X240
ECO-7 32X2802.19ECO-7 32X280
ECO-7 40X1001.38ECO-7 40X100
ECO-7 40X1101.52ECO-7 40X110
ECO-7 40X1201.66ECO-7 40X120
ECO-7 40X1301.7ECO-7 40X130
ECO-7 40X1401.8ECO-7 40X140
ECO-7 40X1501.9ECO-7 40X150
ECO-7 40X1602ECO-7 40X160
ECO-7 40X1702.13ECO-7 40X170
ECO-7 40X1802.2ECO-7 40X180
ECO-7 40X2002.37ECO-7 40X200
ECO-7 40X2202.55ECO-7 40X220
ECO-7 40X2402.86ECO-7 40X240
ECO-7 40X2803.32ECO-7 40X280
ECO-7 24X2000.67ECO-7 24X200
ECO-7 42X1001.38ECO-7 42X100
ECO-7 25X2000.67ECO-7 25X200
ECO-7 42X1101.5ECO-7 42X110
ECO-7 80X1804.9ECO-7 80X180
ECO-7 42X1201.55ECO-7 42X120
ECO-7 80X2404.9ECO-7 80X240
ECO-7 42X1301.7ECO-7 42X130
ECO-7 80X3604.9ECO-7 80X360
ECO-7 42X1401.8ECO-7 42X140
ECO-7 50X2604.9ECO-7 50X260
ECO-7 42X1501.93ECO-7 42X150
ECO-7 40X2603.1ECO-7 40X260
ECO-7 42X1602ECO-7 42X160
ECO-7 80X4004.9ECO-7 80X400
ECO-7 42X1702.1ECO-7 42X170
ECO-7 80X2804.9ECO-7 80X280
ECO-7 42X1802.2ECO-7 42X180
ECO-7 80X2004.9ECO-7 80X200
ECO-7 42X2002.4ECO-7 42X200
ECO-7 80X2204.9ECO-7 80X220
ECO-7 42X2202.55ECO-7 42X220
ECO-7 32X2603.1ECO-7 32X260
ECO-7 42X2402.86ECO-7 42X240
ECO-7 80X3204.9ECO-7 80X320
ECO-7 42X2803.3ECO-7 42X280
ECO-7 50X1102.15ECO-7 50X110
ECO-7 50X1202.35ECO-7 50X120
ECO-7 50X1302.54ECO-7 50X130
ECO-7 50X1403ECO-7 50X140
ECO-7 50X1503.21ECO-7 50X150
ECO-7 50X1603.24ECO-7 50X160
ECO-7 50X1703.64ECO-7 50X170
ECO-7 50X1803.86ECO-7 50X180
ECO-7 50X2003.9ECO-7 50X200
ECO-7 50X2204.2ECO-7 50X220
ECO-7 50X2404.68ECO-7 50X240
ECO-7 50X2805.46ECO-7 50X280
ECO-7 50X3206.86ECO-7 50X320
ECO-7 50X3607.71ECO-7 50X360
ECO-7 50X4008.56ECO-7 50X400
ECO-7 52X1102.23ECO-7 52X110
ECO-7 52X1202.4ECO-7 52X120
ECO-7 52X1302.6ECO-7 52X130
ECO-7 52X1402.8ECO-7 52X140
ECO-7 52X1503ECO-7 52X150
ECO-7 52X1603.24ECO-7 52X160
ECO-7 52X1703.64ECO-7 52X170
ECO-7 52X1803.24ECO-7 52X180
ECO-7 52X2004ECO-7 52X200
ECO-7 52X2204.2ECO-7 52X220
ECO-7 52X2404.68ECO-7 52X240
ECO-7 52X2805.46ECO-7 52X280
ECO-7 52X3206.86ECO-7 52X320
ECO-7 52X3607.72ECO-7 52X360
ECO-7 52X4008.8ECO-7 52X400
ECO-7 63X1203.9ECO-7 63X120
ECO-7 63X1404.55ECO-7 63X140
ECO-7 63X1605.2ECO-7 63X160
ECO-7 63X1805.85ECO-7 63X180
ECO-7 63X2006.55ECO-7 63X200
ECO-7 63X2207.15ECO-7 63X220
ECO-7 63X2407.8ECO-7 63X240
ECO-7 63X2809.1ECO-7 63X280
ECO-7 63X32010.4ECO-7 63X320
ECO-7 63X36011.7ECO-7 63X360
ECO-7 63X40013ECO-7 63X400
ECO-7 63X1304.25ECO-7 63X130

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