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DL Multicyl Double Acting

Die Sets & Press Tool Standard Parts > Presses > Multicyl Press
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DL Multicyl Double Acting

Tooling - Control & Frame

When using a Multicyl, tooling design features are very important. Unlike traditional presses which use gibs and slides, the ram of the Multicyl has to be sure to be protected from transverse forces that could damage the seals of the cylinder. If not accounted for, these forces can be transferred up the ram of the cylinder and cause premature wear resulting in both application and maintenance problems.

In fact, the most common application problem found in a Multicyl system is improperly designed tooling. The tooling must be rigidly designed to prevent deflection and transverse forces acting on the ram of the cylinder. The tooling must have a centralized load condition. Although a 4 pin dieset is ideal, 2 pin applications can be done successfully. However, with a 2 pin die set the central position is not necessarily on the center line of the punch, but may be found at any point in the triangle formed by the 2 pins and the center line of the punch.

Tonnage 14 22 30 50
Overall Stroke 3.5" 3.5" 3.5" 3.5"
Power Stroke 0.5" 0.5" 0.5" 0.5"
Approach Force 1650 lbs 1690 lbs 1690 lbs 1690 lbs
Dimension A 6.5" 6.5" 7.5" TBC"
Dimension B 9.75" 9.75" 11.25" TBC"
Air Consumption @ 1oo psi TBC cu/ft per stroke TBC cu/ft per stroke TBC cu/ft per stroke TBC cu/ft per stroke



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Tech Spec:


Failure to include these features in the design of the tooling may cause application problems and machine damage.

Single acting Multicyls are not designed to return tooling. Tooling should not be attached to the ram of a single acting Multicyl.

It is possible to return tooling with a double acting Multicyl. However, it is very important to adhere to the above tooling design features when attaching the tooling to the double acting Multicyl. Failure to do so will cause application problems. A coupler should be used in all applications where the tooling is attached to a double acting Multicyl.

Air Controls & Delivery

Multicyl uses only the simplest of air controls. A 3-way pilot valve and a quick exhaust (for single acting cylinders) or a 4 way pilot valve (for double acting cylinders) are all that is required. See pdf in Quick links for available types.

Inverted or Horizontal Operation

Standard Multicyls will not operate in an inverted (upside down) position. The oil transfer system which allows oil to flow from the reservoir into the high pressure chamber is ineffective in this position. However, custom modifications may be made at our plant to overcome this problem and provide an inverted cylinder. Note: this must be requested at the time of ordering. All Multicyls can be operated from a horizontal position. When using a Multicyl in this position, be sure that the oil filler screw is facing upwards; this will properly align the bleed holes of the cylinder allowing the oil transfer system to work properly and the cylinder to function as it should.


Planned periodical preventative maintenance should include seal kit replacement after extended use. The need for a new seal kit is indicated by cylinder malfunction, erratic results, or oil leakage. Seal kits for all cylinders are available through Berger Tools Ltd.


Occasionally the Multicyl oil level may have to be topped up; but generally the sealed Multicyl oil system should only be replaced when doing a seal change, or after service of one year as part of a preventative maintenance initiative. Multicyl uses Shell Tellus 32 hydraulic oil, or an equivalent 150 SSU high grade hydraulic oil can be substituted.


As the simplicity of Multicyl permits non-technical personnel to be involved in machine installations, accident prevention cannot be over-emphasized. Multicyl applications should be properly guarded to comply with all applicable standards for operator safety. Do not let the small size of a Multicyl mislead you - high forces are produced and severe injury may result if proper safety procedures are not adhered to.

OSHA Regulations Section 1910.217 (c) states that: It shall be the responsibility of the employer to provide and insure the usage of point of operation guards or properly applied and adjusted point of operation devices on every operation performed on mechanical power press; unless the point of operation opening is 3/16" or less.

In many applications the patented self adjusting stroke of Multicyl allows the pinch points to be eliminated by adjusting the position of the cylinder to eliminate openings greater than 3/16". In applications where this is not possible, such as tube piercing, common methods of compliance are to use guards at the point of operation or to use two hand anti-tie down operating controls.

In addition to pinch points, compressed air poses another potential safety hazard. All fittings and air hoses must be properly connected. Due to the high forces produced by the compressed air, these pieces, when not properly installed, can become safety hazards to the operator.

The patented self adjusting stroke of Multicyl allows the point of operation opening to be adjusted to 1/4" on many applications. On applications where this is impossible or impractical, Multicyl can provide a two hand anti-tie down safety air control package.


Multicyl guarantees its products to be free from defect in workmanship for 1 year from date of purchase or 10,000,000 hits. Our warranty is limited to replacement or repair of defective parts at the discretion of Multicyl. This warranty is void if the cylinder is not used in conjunction with a properly maintained filter, regulator, lubricator mounted on the inlet port within 10' of the cylinder. Multicyl or Berger Tools Ltd can not be held responsible for damage or injury caused by unsafe use or improper application of its products. All guidelines in the user manual must be adhered to.

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