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DIN179A Headless Drill Bushes Similar to ISO 4247 case hardening steel ground internally externally DIN 179A

Standard Machine Elements > Screws, Nuts, Washers & Lifting Accessories
Die Sets & Press Tool Standard Parts > Drill Bushes
Mould Components > Mould Assembly Components
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DIN179A Headless Drill Bush, Steel, Hardened

Type A - Bore radius at one end

Type B - Bore radius at both ends available on request

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Tech Spec:


DIN 179A Headless Drill Bush, Steel, Hardened

Headless Drill Bush, made from best quality case-hardening steel. These drill bushes are supplied with a lead in chamfer or relief.

For applications involving positioning, we recommend 3111 dowel pins.


Steel, case hardened and tempered, ground internally and externally.

Hardness - 740 + 80 HV 10

RoHS compliant

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DIN179A 0,4X60
DIN179A 0,5X60
DIN179A 0,6X60
DIN179A 0,7X60
DIN179A 0,8X60
DIN179A 0,9X60
DIN179A 0,9X90.001
DIN179A 1,0X60
DIN179A 1,0X90.001
DIN179A 1,1X60.001
DIN179A 1,1X90.001
DIN179A 1,2X60.001
DIN179A 1,2X90.001
DIN179A 1,3X60.001
DIN179A 1,3X90.001
DIN179A 1,4X60.001
DIN179A 1,4X90.001
DIN179A 1,5X60.001
DIN179A 1,5X90.001
DIN179A 1,6X60.001
DIN179A 1,6X90.001
DIN179A 1,7X60.001
DIN179A 1,7X90.001
DIN179A 1,8X60.001
DIN179A 1,8X90.001
DIN179A 1,9X60.001
DIN179A 1,9X90.001
DIN179A 2,0X60.001
DIN179A 2,0X90.001
DIN179A 2,1X60.001
DIN179A 2,1X90.001
DIN179A 2,2X60.001
DIN179A 2,2X90.001
DIN179A 2,3X60.001
DIN179A 2,3X90.001
DIN179A 2,4X60.001
DIN179A 2,4X90.001
DIN179A 2,5X60.001
DIN179A 2,5X90.001
DIN179A 2,6X60.001
DIN179A 2,6X90.001
DIN179A 2,7X120.002
DIN179A 2,7X160.003
DIN179A 2,7X80.001
DIN179A 2,8X120.002
DIN179A 2,8X160.003
DIN179A 2,8X80.001
DIN179A 2,9X120.002
DIN179A 2,9X160.003
DIN179A 2,9X80.001
DIN179A 3,0X120.004
DIN179A 3,0X160.005
DIN179A 3,0X80.003
DIN179A 3,1X120.004
DIN179A 3,1X160.005
DIN179A 3,1X80.003
DIN179A 3,2X120.004
DIN179A 3,2X160.005
DIN179A 3,2X80.003
DIN179A 3,3X120.004
DIN179A 3,3X160.005
DIN179A 3,3X80.003
DIN179A 3,4X120.004
DIN179A 3,4X160.005
DIN179A 3,4X80.003
DIN179A 3,5X120.004
DIN179A 3,5X160.005
DIN179A 3,5X80.003
DIN179A 3,6X120.004
DIN179A 3,6X160.005
DIN179A 3,6X80.003
DIN179A 3,7X120.004
DIN179A 3,7X160.005
DIN179A 3,7X80.003
DIN179A 3,8X120.004
DIN179A 3,8X160.005
DIN179A 3,8X80.003
DIN179A 3,9X120.004
DIN179A 3,9X160.005
DIN179A 3,9X80.003
DIN179A 4,0X120.002
DIN179A 4,0X160.003
DIN179A 4,0X80.002
DIN179A 4,1X120.003
DIN179A 4,1X160.005
DIN179A 4,1X80.002
DIN179A 4,2X120.003
DIN179A 4,2X160.005
DIN179A 4,2X80.002
DIN179A 4,3X120.003
DIN179A 4,3X160.005
DIN179A 4,3X80.002
DIN179A 4,4X120.003
DIN179A 4,4X160.005
DIN179A 4,4X80.002
DIN179A 4,5X120.003
DIN179A 4,5X160.004
DIN179A 4,5X80.002
DIN179A 4,6X120.003
DIN179A 4,6X160.004
DIN179A 4,6X80.002
DIN179A 4,7X120.003
DIN179A 4,7X160.004
DIN179A 4,7X80.002
DIN179A 4,8X120.003
DIN179A 4,8X160.004
DIN179A 4,8X80.002
DIN179A 4,9X120.003
DIN179A 4,9X160.004
DIN179A 4,9X80.002
DIN179A 5,0X200.002
DIN179A 5,0X120.003
DIN179A 5,0X160.004
DIN179A 5,0X80.002
DIN179A 5,1X100.005
DIN179A 5,1X160.067
DIN179A 5,1X200.007
DIN179A 5,2X100.005
DIN179A 5,2X160.007
DIN179A 5,2X200.009
DIN179A 5,3X100.005
DIN179A 5,3X160.007
DIN179A 5,3X200.009
DIN179A 5,4X100.005
DIN179A 5,4X160.007
DIN179A 5,4X200.009
DIN179A 5,5X100.005
DIN179A 5,5X160.007
DIN179A 5,5X200.009
DIN179A 5,6X100.004
DIN179A 5,6X160.007
DIN179A 5,6X200.009
DIN179A 5,7X100.004
DIN179A 5,7X160.007
DIN179A 5,7X200.009
DIN179A 5,8X100.004
DIN179A 5,8X160.007
DIN179A 5,8X200.009
DIN179A 5,9X100.004
DIN179A 5,9X160.007
DIN179A 5,9X200.009
DIN179A 6,0X100.004
DIN179A 6,0X160.006
DIN179A 6,0X200.008
DIN179A 6,1X100.007
DIN179A 6,1X160.011
DIN179A 6,1X200.013
DIN179A 6,2X100.004
DIN179A 6,2X160.007
DIN179A 6,2X200.013
DIN179A 6,3X100.007
DIN179A 6,3X160.011
DIN179A 6,3X200.013
DIN179A 6,4X100.007
DIN179A 6,4X160.01
DIN179A 6,4X200.013
DIN179A 6,5X100.007
DIN179A 6,5X160.01
DIN179A 6,5X200.013
DIN179A 6,6X100.007
DIN179A 6,6X160.011
DIN179A 6,6X200.013
DIN179A 6,7X100.006
DIN179A 6,7X160.01
DIN179A 6,7X200.013
DIN179A 6,8X100.008
DIN179A 6,8X160.01
DIN179A 6,8X200.012
DIN179A 6,9X100.007
DIN179A 6,9X160.01
DIN179A 6,9X200.012
DIN179A 7,0X100.006
DIN179A 7,0X160.009
DIN179A 7,0X200.012
DIN179A 7,1X100.007
DIN179A 7,1X160.009
DIN179A 7,1X200.012
DIN179A 7,2X100.006
DIN179A 7,2X160.009
DIN179A 7,2X200.011
DIN179A 7,3X100.006
DIN179A 7,3X160.009
DIN179A 7,3X200.012
DIN179A 7,4X100.006
DIN179A 7,4X160.009
DIN179A 7,4X200.012
DIN179A 7,5X100.006
DIN179A 7,5X160.008
DIN179A 7,5X200.011
DIN179A 7,6X100.006
DIN179A 7,6X160.008
DIN179A 7,6X200.011
DIN179A 7,7X100.006
DIN179A 7,7X160.008
DIN179A 7,7X200.011
DIN179A 7,8X100.006
DIN179A 7,8X160.008
DIN179A 7,8X200.01
DIN179A 7,9X100.006
DIN179A 16,1X280.041
DIN179A 7,9X160.008
DIN179A 7,9X200.011
DIN179A 8,0X100.006
DIN179A 8,0X160.008
DIN179A 8,0X200.01
DIN179A 8,1X120.012
DIN179A 8,1X200.02
DIN179A 8,1X250.023
DIN179A 8,2X120.012
DIN179A 8,2X200.02
DIN179A 8,2X250.023
DIN179A 8,3X120.012
DIN179A 8,3X200.02
DIN179A 8,3X250.023
DIN179A 8,4X120.012
DIN179A 8,4X200.02
DIN179A 8,4X250.023
DIN179A 8,5X120.012
DIN179A 8,5X200.02
DIN179A 8,5X250.023
DIN179A 8,6X120.012
DIN179A 8,6X200.02
DIN179A 8,6X250.023
DIN179A 8,7X120.012
DIN179A 8,7X200.02
DIN179A 8,7X250.023
DIN179A 8,8X120.012
DIN179A 8,8X200.02
DIN179A 8,8X250.023
DIN179A 8,9X120.012
DIN179A 8,9X200.02
DIN179A 8,9X250.023
DIN179A 9,0X120.012
DIN179A 9,0X200.02
DIN179A 9,0X250.023
DIN179A 9,1X120.012
DIN179A 9,1X200.02
DIN179A 9,1X250.023
DIN179A 9,2X120.012
DIN179A 9,2X200.02
DIN179A 9,2X250.023
DIN179A 9,3X120.012
DIN179A 9,3X200.02
DIN179A 9,3X250.023
DIN179A 9,4X120.012
DIN179A 9,4X200.02
DIN179A 9,4X250.023
DIN179A 9,5X120.012
DIN179A 9,5X200.02
DIN179A 9,5X250.023
DIN179A 9,6X120.012
DIN179A 9,6X200.02
DIN179A 9,6X250.023
DIN179A 9,7X120.012
DIN179A 9,7X200.02
DIN179A 9,7X250.023
DIN179A 9,8X120.012
DIN179A 9,8X200.02
DIN179A 9,8X250.023
DIN179A 9,9X120.012
DIN179A 9,9X200.02
DIN179A 9,9X250.023
DIN179A 10,0X120.016
DIN179A 10,0X200.026
DIN179A 10,0X250.033
DIN179A 10,1X120.016
DIN179A 10,1X200.026
DIN179A 10,1X250.033
DIN179A 10,2X120.016
DIN179A 10,2X200.026
DIN179A 29,5X450.236
DIN179A 10,2X250.033
DIN179A 10,3X120.016
DIN179A 10,3X200.026
DIN179A 10,3X250.033
DIN179A 10,4X120.016
DIN179A 10,4X200.026
DIN179A 10,4X250.033
DIN179A 10,5X120.016
DIN179A 10,5X200.026
DIN179A 10,5X250.033
DIN179A 10,6X120.016
DIN179A 10,6X200.026
DIN179A 10,6X250.033
DIN179A 10,7X120.016
DIN179A 10,7X200.026
DIN179A 10,7X250.033
DIN179A 10,8X120.016
DIN179A 10,8X200.026
DIN179A 10,8X250.033
DIN179A 10,9X120.016
DIN179A 10,9X200.026
DIN179A 10,9X250.033
DIN179A 11,0X120.016
DIN179A 11,0X200.026
DIN179A 11,0X250.033
DIN179A 11,1X120.016
DIN179A 11,1X200.026
DIN179A 11,1X250.033
DIN179A 11,2X120.016
DIN179A 11,2X200.026
DIN179A 11,2X250.033
DIN179A 11,3X120.016
DIN179A 11,3X200.026
DIN179A 11,3X250.033
DIN179A 11,4X120.016
DIN179A 11,4X200.026
DIN179A 11,4X250.033
DIN179A 11,5X120.016
DIN179A 11,5X200.026
DIN179A 11,5X250.033
DIN179A 11,6X120.016
DIN179A 11,6X200.026
DIN179A 11,6X250.033
DIN179A 11,7X120.016
DIN179A 11,7X200.026
DIN179A 11,7X250.033
DIN179A 11,8X120.016
DIN179A 11,8X200.026
DIN179A 11,8X250.033
DIN179A 11,9X120.016
DIN179A 11,9X200.026
DIN179A 11,9X250.033
DIN179A 12,0X120.016
DIN179A 12,0X200.026
DIN179A 12,0X250.033
DIN179A 12,1X160.033
DIN179A 12,1X280.058
DIN179A 12,1X360.07
DIN179A 12,2X160.033
DIN179A 12,2X280.058
DIN179A 12,2X360.07
DIN179A 12,3X160.033
DIN179A 12,3X280.058
DIN179A 12,3X360.07
DIN179A 12,4X160.033
DIN179A 12,4X280.058
DIN179A 12,4X360.07
DIN179A 12,5X160.033
DIN179A 12,5X280.058
DIN179A 12,5X360.07
DIN179A 12,6X160.033
DIN179A 12,6X280.058
DIN179A 12,6X360.07
DIN179A 12,7X160.033
DIN179A 12,7X280.058
DIN179A 12,7X360.07
DIN179A 12,8X160.033
DIN179A 12,8X280.058
DIN179A 12,8X360.07
DIN179A 12,9X160.033
DIN179A 12,9X280.058
DIN179A 12,9X360.07
DIN179A 13,0X160.033
DIN179A 13,0X280.058
DIN179A 13,0X360.07
DIN179A 13,1X160.033
DIN179A 13,1X280.058
DIN179A 13,1X360.07
DIN179A 13,2X160.033
DIN179A 13,2X280.058
DIN179A 13,2X360.07
DIN179A 13,3X160.033
DIN179A 13,3X280.058
DIN179A 13,3X360.07
DIN179A 13,4X160.033
DIN179A 13,4X280.058
DIN179A 13,4X360.07
DIN179A 13,5X160.033
DIN179A 13,5X280.058
DIN179A 13,5X360.07
DIN179A 13,6X160.033
DIN179A 13,6X280.058
DIN179A 13,6X360.07
DIN179A 13,7X160.033
DIN179A 13,7X280.058
DIN179A 13,7X360.07
DIN179A 13,8X160.033
DIN179A 13,8X280.058
DIN179A 13,8X360.07
DIN179A 13,9X160.033
DIN179A 13,9X280.058
DIN179A 13,9X360.07
DIN179A 14,0X160.033
DIN179A 14,0X280.058
DIN179A 14,0X360.07
DIN179A 14,1X160.033
DIN179A 14,1X280.058
DIN179A 14,1X360.07
DIN179A 14,2X160.033
DIN179A 14,2X280.058
DIN179A 14,2X360.07
DIN179A 14,3X160.033
DIN179A 14,3X280.058
DIN179A 14,3X360.07
DIN179A 14,4X160.033
DIN179A 14,4X280.058
DIN179A 14,4X360.07
DIN179A 14,5X160.033
DIN179A 14,5X280.058
DIN179A 14,5X360.07
DIN179A 14,6X160.033
DIN179A 14,6X280.058
DIN179A 14,6X360.07
DIN179A 14,7X160.033
DIN179A 14,7X280.058
DIN179A 14,7X360.07
DIN179A 14,8X160.033
DIN179A 14,8X280.058
DIN179A 14,8X360.07
DIN179A 14,9X160.033
DIN179A 14,9X280.058
DIN179A 14,9X360.07
DIN179A 15,0X160.033
DIN179A 15,0X280.058
DIN179A 15,0X360.07
DIN179A 15,5X160.041
DIN179A 15,5X280.071
DIN179A 15,5X360.09
DIN179A 16,0X160.041
DIN179A 16,0X280.071
DIN179A 16,0X360.09
DIN179A 16,1X160.041
DIN179A 16,5X160.041
DIN179A 16,5X280.071
DIN179A 16,5X360.09
DIN179A 17,0X160.041
DIN179A 17,0X280.071
DIN179A 17,0X360.09
DIN179A 17,5X160.041
DIN179A 17,5X280.071
DIN179A 17,5X360.09
DIN179A 18,0X160.041
DIN179A 18,0X280.071
DIN179A 18,0X360.09
DIN179A 18,5X200.068
DIN179A 18,5X360.117
DIN179A 18,5X450.155
DIN179A 19,0X200.068
DIN179A 19,0X360.117
DIN179A 19,0X450.155
DIN179A 19,5X200.068
DIN179A 19,5X360.117
DIN179A 19,5X450.155
DIN179A 20,0X200.06
DIN179A 20,0X360.106
DIN179A 20,0X450.132
DIN179A 20,5X200.06
DIN179A 20,5X360.106
DIN179A 20,5X450.132
DIN179A 21,0X200.06
DIN179A 21,0X360.106
DIN179A 21,0X450.132
DIN179A 21,5X200.06
DIN179A 21,5X360.106
DIN179A 21,5X450.132
DIN179A 22,0X200.06
DIN179A 22,0X360.106
DIN179A 22,0X450.132
DIN179A 22,5X200.072
DIN179A 22,5X360.135
DIN179A 22,5X450.162
DIN179A 23,0X450.162
DIN179A 23,0X200.072
DIN179A 23,0X360.135
DIN179A 23,5X200.072
DIN179A 23,5X360.135
DIN179A 23,5X450.162
DIN179A 24,0X200.072
DIN179A 24,0X360.135
DIN179A 24,0X450.162
DIN179A 24,5X200.072
DIN179A 24,5X360.135
DIN179A 24,5X450.162
DIN179A 25,0X200.072
DIN179A 25,0X360.135
DIN179A 25,0X450.162
DIN179A 25,5X200.072
DIN179A 25,5X360.135
DIN179A 25,5X450.162
DIN179A 26,0X200.072
DIN179A 26,0X360.135
DIN179A 26,0X450.162
DIN179A 26,5X250.131
DIN179A 26,5X450.236
DIN179A 26,5X560.294
DIN179A 27,0X250.131
DIN179A 27,0X450.236
DIN179A 27,0X560.294
DIN179A 27,5X250.131
DIN179A 27,5X450.236
DIN179A 27,5X560.294
DIN179A 28,0X250.131
DIN179A 28,0X450.236
DIN179A 28,0X560.294
DIN179A 28,5X250.131
DIN179A 28,5X450.236
DIN179A 28,5X560.294
DIN179A 29,0X250.131
DIN179A 29,0X450.236
DIN179A 29,0X560.294
DIN179A 29,5X250.131
DIN179A 29,5X560.294
DIN179A 30,0X250.131
DIN179A 30,0X450.236
DIN179A 30,0X560.294
DIN179A 30,5X250.21
DIN179A 30,5X450.378
DIN179A 30,5X560.47
DIN179A 31,0X250.21
DIN179A 31,0X450.378
DIN179A 31,0X560.47
DIN179A 31,5X250.21
DIN179A 31,5X450.378
DIN179A 31,5X560.47
DIN179A 32,0X250.21
DIN179A 32,0X450.378
DIN179A 32,0X560.47
DIN179A 32,5X250.21
DIN179A 32,5X450.378
DIN179A 32,5X560.47
DIN179A 33,0X250.21
DIN179A 33,0X450.378
DIN179A 33,0X560.47
DIN179A 33,5X250.21
DIN179A 33,5X450.378
DIN179A 33,5X560.47
DIN179A 34,0X250.21
DIN179A 34,0X450.378
DIN179A 34,0X560.47
DIN179A 34,5X250.21
DIN179A 34,5X450.378
DIN179A 34,5X560.47
DIN179A 35,0X250.21
DIN179A 35,0X450.378
DIN179A 35,0X560.47
DIN179A 35,5X300.289
DIN179A 35,5X560.54
DIN179A 35,5X670.646
DIN179A 36,0X300.289
DIN179A 36,0X560.54
DIN179A 36,0X670.646
DIN179A 36,5X300.289
DIN179A 36,5X560.54
DIN179A 36,5X670.646
DIN179A 37,0X300.289
DIN179A 37,0X560.54
DIN179A 37,0X670.646
DIN179A 37,5X300.289
DIN179A 37,5X560.54
DIN179A 37,5X670.646
DIN179A 38,0X300.289
DIN179A 38,0X560.54
DIN179A 38,0X670.646
DIN179A 38,5X300.289
DIN179A 38,5X560.54
DIN179A 38,5X670.646
DIN179A 39,0X300.289
DIN179A 39,0X560.54
DIN179A 39,0X670.646
DIN179A 39,5X300.289
DIN179A 39,5X560.54
DIN179A 39,5X670.646
DIN179A 40,0X300.289
DIN179A 40,0X560.54
DIN179A 40,0X670.646
DIN179A 40,5X300.289
DIN179A 40,5X560.54
DIN179A 40,5X670.646
DIN179A 41,0X300.289
DIN179A 41,0X560.54
DIN179A 41,0X670.646
DIN179A 41,5X300.289
DIN179A 41,5X560.54
DIN179A 41,5X670.646
DIN179A 42,0X300.289
DIN179A 42,0X560.54
DIN179A 42,0X670.646
DIN179A 42,5X300.384
DIN179A 42,5X560.717
DIN179A 42,5X670.858
DIN179A 43,0X300.384
DIN179A 43,0X560.717
DIN179A 43,0X670.858
DIN179A 43,5X300.384
DIN179A 43,5X560.717
DIN179A 43,5X670.858
DIN179A 44,0X300.384
DIN179A 44,0X560.717
DIN179A 44,0X670.858
DIN179A 44,5X300.384
DIN179A 44,5X560.717
DIN179A 44,5X670.858
DIN179A 45,0X300.384
DIN179A 45,0X560.717
DIN179A 45,0X670.858
DIN179A 45,5X300.384
DIN179A 45,5X560.717
DIN179A 45,5X670.858
DIN179A 46,0X300.384
DIN179A 46,0X560.717
DIN179A 46,0X670.858
DIN179A 47,0X300.384
DIN179A 47,0X560.717
DIN179A 47,0X670.858
DIN179A 47,5X300.384
DIN179A 47,5X560.717
DIN179A 47,5X670.858
DIN179A 48,0X300.384
DIN179A 48,0X560.717
DIN179A 48,0X670.858
DIN179B 6,0X160
DIN179B 8,0X100
DIN179B 4,8X120.003
DIN179B 6,5X160

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