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SVC Adjustable Shoulder Bolts Sleeve Cup Washer DIN912 DIN 912

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Mould Components > Mould Assembly Components
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SVC Shoulder Bolt, Sleeve, Cup & Washer, DIN912



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SVC Adjustable Shoulder Bolt, Sleeve, Cup & Washer, DIN 912 standard

Adjustable shoulder bolt and spacer sleeve, SVC type, made to DIN 912 standards and for a wide range of applications, and offering a stronger bolt for shear resistance with the absence of undercuts. Locating through a precision ground tube.


Cap screw - steel class 12.9 UNI 5931 DIN 912.

Cup washer - hardened and tempered steel, not ground; tensile strength 100 Kg/mm2

Spacer sleeve - hardened, tempered and ground steel; tensile strength 120 - 140 Kg/mm2

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PartCodeAE ±0.1B h7CDFG HBoxMass
SVC 6X020M62010.015105.510524 pcs0.021
SVC 6X025M62510.015105.510524 pcs0.025
SVC 6X030M63010.015105.510524 pcs0.028
SVC 6X035M63510.015105.510524 pcs0.03
SVC 6X040M64010.015105.510524 pcs0.033
SVC 6X045M64510.015105.510524 pcs0.036
SVC 6X050M65010.015105.510524 pcs0.039
SVC 6X055M65510.015105.510524 pcs0.042
SVC 6X060M66010.015105.510524 pcs0.047
SVC 6X070M67010.015105.510524 pcs0.055
SVC 6X080M68010.015105.510524 pcs0.062
SVC 6X090M69010.015105.510524 pcs0.07
SVC 6X100M610010.015105.510524 pcs0.078
SVC 8X030M83012.519136.513624 pcs0.047
SVC 8X035M83512.519136.513624 pcs0.052
SVC 8X040M84012.519136.513624 pcs0.057
SVC 8X045M84512.519136.513624 pcs0.062
SVC 8X050M85012.519136.513624 pcs0.067
SVC 8X055M85512.519136.513624 pcs0.072
SVC 8X060M86012.519136.513624 pcs0.077
SVC 8X070M87012.519136.513624 pcs0.086
SVC 8X080M88012.519136.513624 pcs0.095
SVC 8X090M89012.519136.513624 pcs0.109
SVC 8X100M810012.519136.513624 pcs0.121
SVC 10X030M103015.023157.516824 pcs0.075
SVC 10X035M103515.023157.516824 pcs0.082
SVC 10X040M104015.023157.516824 pcs0.089
SVC 10X045M104515.023157.516824 pcs0.096
SVC 10X050M105015.023157.516824 pcs0.101
SVC 10X055M105515.023157.516824 pcs0.109
SVC 10X060M106015.023157.516824 pcs0.115
SVC 10X070M107015.023157.516824 pcs0.128
SVC 10X080M108015.023157.516824 pcs0.142
SVC 10X090M109015.023157.516824 pcs0.155
SVC 10X100M1010015.023157.516824 pcs0.168
SVC 10X120M1012015.023157.516824 pcs0.242
SVC 12X040M124017.527189.0181024 pcs0.125
SVC 12X045M124517.527189.0181024 pcs0.135
SVC 12X050M125017.527189.0181024 pcs0.144
SVC 12X055M125517.527189.0181024 pcs0.157
SVC 12X060M126017.527189.0181024 pcs0.172
SVC 12X070M127017.527189.0181024 pcs0.19
SVC 12X080M128017.527189.0181024 pcs0.208
SVC 12X090M129017.527189.0181024 pcs0.226
SVC 12X100M1210017.527189.0181024 pcs0.243
SVC 12X110M1211017.527189.0181024 pcs0.262
SVC 12X120M1212017.527189.0181024 pcs0.282
SVC 12X140M1214017.527189.0181024 pcs0.3
SVC 16X050M165023.0342411.0241412 pcs0.283
SVC 16X060M166023.0342411.0241412 pcs0.315
SVC 16X070M167023.0342411.0241412 pcs0.345
SVC 16X080M168023.0342411.0241412 pcs0.377
SVC 16X090M169023.0342411.0241412 pcs0.408
SVC 16X100M1610023.0342411.0241412 pcs0.441
SVC 16X110M1611023.0342411.0241412 pcs0.472
SVC 16X120M1612023.0342411.0241412 pcs0.505
SVC 16X140M1614023.0342411.0241412 pcs0.59
SVC 16X150M1615023.0342411.0241412 pcs0.632
SVC 16X160M1616023.0342411.0241412 pcs0.047


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