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Catalogue Technical Specification
ISO Fundamental Tolerances
Keyway and Key Details DIN6885
Cross Holes GN110
Further Description for Position Indicators GN000.8
Further Description for Position Indicators GN000.3

CAD Data

3D CAD Files
2D CAD Files
GN323.8 with Bore Type R 3D CAD Model
GN323.8 with Keyway Type R 3D CAD Model
GN323.8 with Bore Type A 3D CAD Model
GN323.8 with Keyway Type A 3D CAD Model


GN323.8 Aluminium Disc Handwheel For Position Indicators



GN323.8: Disc Handwheel
Type: A - without Handle


GN323.8: Disc Handwheel
Type: R - with Revolving Handle

CAD Viewer Technical Data

Series Selector


Bore Code B - Without keyway.

Bore Code K - With keyway.

Type A - Without handle.

Type R - With revolving handle GN798

CAD Viewer Technical Data

Product Description

GN323.8 Aluminium Disc Handwheel For Position Indicators.

These handwheels have a cleverly designed recessed hub to house position indicators GN000.8. They can be supplied with or without a revolving handle and are comfortable in use.

The hub dimensions (for fitting) correspond to those of disc handwheels GN323 and handwheels according to DIN950.

Installation Instructions

1. Install the handwheel to the spindle and fix it with the grub screw or keyway/countersunk washer.

2. Turn the spindle to the starting point (0 position).

3. Move the position indicator manually to the 0 position before mounting it.

4. Install the position indicator into the recess of the hub and fix it with the screw. Do not apply unnecessarily excessive torque to avoid deformation of the housing!

5. Rotate the handwheel and ascertain that the starting point of the spindle is aligned with the 0 position of the two pointers (GN 000.8) respectively pointer. Should that not be the case, the screw has to be loosened and the position indicator adjusted. Tighten the screw again.


Aluminium AL - Gravity die casting.

Hub - Machined.

Rim - Turned on all sides, concentric and square to bore IT 12. Comes with M4 set screw.

Wheel body - Plastic coated, black, textured finish.

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